[Video] My EASIEST PC Build In Years!

Is a Corsair ONE-esque PC case worth your money? Let’s find out by building a DIY equivalent. Check out the Louqe RAW S1 Case at Buy …


  1. The power button could have a led ring to indicate that the system is on (I assume we can replace the power button for another with an LED indicator), but the case is awesome!

  2. Ngl, this is by a mile the coolest build I've seen in years. Like my PC is top tier but like my case just sucks… If I was to start fresh, this would be IT

  3. Philips screws suck (especially since most power tools have a clutch anyways), I would buy this case just because it uses Torx. It should have been the standard for a long time.

  4. He mentions buying a new house so how long ago was the garage door video filmed then as they must've been sitting on that footage for over a month then

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