[Video] NEW Gaming Laptops from Asus! – M16 + S17

Asus M16 and S17 – The best laptops from Asus with their new Intel 11th gen CPUs and RTX 30 series

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[Video] NEW Gaming Laptops from Asus! - M16 + S17 1
[Video] NEW Gaming Laptops from Asus! - M16 + S17 2
[Video] NEW Gaming Laptops from Asus! - M16 + S17 3
[Video] NEW Gaming Laptops from Asus! - M16 + S17 4

24 Comments on “[Video] NEW Gaming Laptops from Asus! – M16 + S17”

  1. Anyone got a laptop recommendation for uni work? I need: webcam, hmdi, 15inch max, lighter than 2kg pls (i had a 2.5kg gaming one in the past and i hated using it for school because it was so heavy) and prefably with a decent gpu too so i can game on it from time to time, not looking to play any AAA games on it since I have my pc.

  2. That exhaust blowing towards the screen is a big no no for me. No matter what anyone says that this is okay no one has tested how it fares a few years down the line I don't know why would anyone voluntarily gimp themselves by choosing something with that design. It's like saying you like to drive with a knife strapped on the steering wheel because you know it won't stab you anyways since you won't crash at all.

  3. Not only is the sound in here not perfected, the lighting isn't either. Then there are shadows on close up shots. Dave got a long way to go in here but I'm with him still. Trust the process.

  4. Stupid solutions to manage heat lol. Solutions that introduce a whole other problems. So what happens when force is applied on that keyboard? U know, gamers lose their cool sometimes and bang on things. Do people really buy these? Do people really think these are good ideas? Or are people giving Asus a pass every time?

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