[Video] They sent my broken product back.

My RMA return from Intel finally arrived so I’m going to find out if they solved the problem I was having with these storage drives -and if so- what they changed.

[Video] They sent my broken product back. 1
[Video] They sent my broken product back. 2
[Video] They sent my broken product back. 3
[Video] They sent my broken product back. 4
[Video] They sent my broken product back. 5

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  1. Hi im from phillipines I've been watching you everyday Cause I'm telling to my self that I can build my own PC but I don't have any money and im wishing you to heart and read this cause I want to ask some help for giving me a GRAPHICS CARD AND Ram and SSD cause that's is one of my problems with my cpu I have only Ryzen 3 3100 and motherboard tha you for your time to read this and thank you if you willing to give me that and keep safe always and have a good day thank-you!!!!

  2. how about only processing videos at max 1440P like no one will see the diffrence if it is higher…. and less storage needed…. 1080P is still mainstream… als less data burned if on mobile or slow internet….

  3. My amd vega 64 is broken. I sent it to the retailer and they sent it to amd. Amd said the card is doing fine. Now I have a broken gpu in a time where you can't get a gpu. At least I could get my hands on a 3060 ti. But my vega lays next to me and I don't know what to do with it

  4. I don't think the title is fair to Intel since the driver's aren't actually broken but just incompatibility issue with one specific type of hardware.

  5. But why that clickbnait in the title then? doesn't everyone hate Intel anyway? That doesn't make it any better for the company when you consider that they've already sponsored a lot of you guys.

  6. I had a similar experience with an EVGA RMA. I sent them a dead 2070, received a replacement that died within a couple hours of using it. Got a 2nd RMA with cross shipment and that card is still being used.

  7. I'm surprised he got any response from Intel besides "no" since he admitted to buying them secondhand and most if not all warranties don't transfer if you buy products secondhand.

  8. I ordered a laptop, had the accidental damage warranty from dell, spilled a drink on my laptop, returned it, they said it was I fixable, returned it to me still broken

  9. Judging by how many people in the comments seem to misinterpret or don't finish watching the video, I think the title and majority of the video are pretty misguiding and even somewhat defamatory.

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