[Video] Upgrading Your Cheap Streaming Setup

A year ago we went over what it takes to make an awesome streaming/conference set up on the cheap, or even for ZERO dollars. Today we’re revisiting this idea …

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  1. The Canon EOS Webcam Utility works like a gem with OBS. Truly a lifesaver. And the Canon menus can be hidden on HDMI Output by clicking on the INFO button 3-times!

  2. Both the SM48 and the A5000 seemed really bad in this setup. You can tweak both to make them better than you see here.
    Also if you're getting a DSLR/mirrorless camera, you'll need a dummy battery, maybe a new lens and a lot of them have overheating issues as well.

  3. You don't need an audio interface
    You can use software to do the same thing this device will do.
    My voice sounds straight like radio show host.
    I've had an audio interface, nothing special about it.
    Just another thing in your room taking up space that you got to run wires to.

  4. I really wouldn't recommend a dynamic mic; the SM58 is a great for stage work, and I have a whole bunch of them for that purpose, but unless you really have a problem with background noise a condenser is going to give much better results, and you can get surprisingly good ones for not a lot of cash – I picked up a NEWEER thing for £20 including scissor stand, pop shield, and spoffle for my stepdaughter to use, and I wasn't expecting much but it actually compares reasonably well against my AKG C214.

  5. I have 4 lamp with clamp mount, cold soft bulbs, old android like Samsung Galaxy S7 with app and download ( PC) to be webcam.

    Also, if looking for better monitor and cheap. It's is one without HDMI, there's one or two port that's can turned into HDMI. But, if you want with audio is blue one.. there's is adapter with jackport to connect audio systems and what's you can do working sounds..

    Have both or 3rd for epic setup, old laptop with some early graphics card might still work… with external CPU port with best graphics card.. carzy how's how much cheap tobe to get around.. lol

  6. Hi Linus, I would like to see more of these super information dense videos. I found this very entertaining and educational. Only doing these videos occasionally I understand makes sense for YouTube and targeting a more general audience, but I would like to see more technical and deeper videos come up more often (maybe with Anthony hosting if applicable to his area of interest?)

  7. Canon's Rebels are a nice option too in my opinion. For example, Canon eos 100D is around 300usd and supports Canon's webcam utility. If you want to go cheaper, you can go for cheaper 200usd 1100D

  8. Designed by Midas. Not sure those are proper Midas pres. But it’s a good enough interface for sure.

    And virtually all handheld dynamics will do just fine with a budget interface. Only mics like the sm7b need more gain. At which point just buy the new motu interface.

    And, don’t boost your lows man. Proximity effect is real. 😉

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  10. No hack to get around a T3's menu output? Doesn't that model support Magic Lantern? I'd be much more concerned with sensor overheating issues on an older DSLR than anything.

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