[Video] We May Have A New Smartphone Value Champ…

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[Video] We May Have A New Smartphone Value Champ... 1
[Video] We May Have A New Smartphone Value Champ... 2
[Video] We May Have A New Smartphone Value Champ... 3
[Video] We May Have A New Smartphone Value Champ... 4
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49 Comments on “[Video] We May Have A New Smartphone Value Champ…”

  1. The only thing that I think could have been better is the phone's speaker. It's very loud, but sounds unbalanced. Foreground audio is too much in contrast with the background audio in videos and songs

  2. Wow love watching this real me 12gb of ram… savage but I cant still afford that price.. I love watching expensive phone, that I know I cant never afford to buy

  3. Is it worth to buy this phone at this moment, or should i buy the oneplus nord?
    (B.t.w. is there allready android 10 on the divice and does it work properly)

  4. Love the informative videos. Ended up getting this phone based on your review and value now that the price has come down a bit. But almost as soon as I ordered and put the SIM in the phone, T-Mobile announced they are not going to support non VoLTe phones come next year. After much researching I don't can't find a way to enable VoLTe on this phone. Can you use your influence to reach out to them and see if they'll be enabling the feature? Would hate to give up this phone at a lost (restocking fee) or keep it and end up with a brick in 5 months. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  5. Please guys I'm android user and every time I buy an android phone it start laging a lot after 1 year and half😤😤 of using so I decided to buy a new IPhone 7 plus even if it has lower specs than this phone and same price to avoid the stupid android lags . What do you think?

  6. There is no doubt Apple phones are good well optimised and will last they also have a powerful chip but so does this it might only last 2 years or 3 but I have an apple iPhone 7 and it works completely fine but I am craving for this phone 30 min charge best hardware and now in 2020 realme ui makes the software good as well

  7. the price and availability of this phone is weird in 2020.. like they know it's a perfect phone for the price but seems to create an imbalance.. can't find this phone right now with a price of 370$ as it's like 6 or 7 months later it was 450$

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