[Video] What Happens if you Water Cool an Air Cooler?

Enctec made this motherboard for passive cooling applications, but we has a different idea… Check out Enctec: …

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  1. Honestly, putting the heat sink and CPU on the back of the motherboard makes a lot more sents. After all the front of the motherboard is super crowded with all those capacitors, RAM seems to keep getting taller and needing more and more cooling, and the graphics cards compete with the ambient heat coming off the CPU heat sink. Having the CPU heat sink on the outside of the case, which would look epic and be much easier to clean, is just a better solution to distribute heat

  2. This video gave me an idea. 1) fill a bucket with water. 2) put a heat sink in it, but with the mounting hardware above the water line. 3) put it in the freezer. 4) test how a block of ice works as a cooler.

  3. Little disappointed they didn’t try to use a pump and have it circulate water between the two buckets. Although, a 20+ gallon reservoir would be kinda overkill 😂

  4. The only thing that could have made this video more "Linus Tech Tips" is if aztek had said "don't break it, we only the one motherboard."…. Then Linus goes and does this anyway.

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