[Video] Words aren't enough. We need ACTION.

Right to repair is a frequently misunderstood issue, and we’re here to set the record straight. Find more info on Louis Rossmann’s GoFundMe here: …

[Video] Words aren't enough. We need ACTION. 1
[Video] Words aren't enough. We need ACTION. 2
[Video] Words aren't enough. We need ACTION. 3
[Video] Words aren't enough. We need ACTION. 4
[Video] Words aren't enough. We need ACTION. 5

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  1. Actually in the cellphone industry the current cancers are Apple and Samsung. The former 'cause they are a shitty brand that sells overpriced crap that a lot of morons like to support, mostly because they think they are better than other people, or have better standards. Anyways, stupid stuff. The other one, Samsung, likes to develope 9484541 new models every year, fills the market with cellphones that are almost the same, leaving you with a huge ton of crappy cellphones every 365 days, which most of them won't last that much due shitty hardware quality. If you buy a cellphone, don't expect anything good, think in your wallet and the needs you have first before expending a lot of bucks.

  2. I try to explain to my kids about repairing stuff and keeping it longer. They just look at me like I'm stupid. My vehicles are 14 to 25 years old. Why, because I'm a mechanic and I hate when customers bring me things that I can't fix, because it's a dealer only part replacement. Like Engine Control Modules, or other computers that are on the vehicle. I am willing to bet that most people don't know that there about 14 to 21 control modules on them now. I can diagnose most of the newer vehicles. But manufacturers don't have to release module programing for many years. I never thought we wouldn't be able to repair things that we use on a daily basis.

  3. Like Net Neutrality, this is taking complex problems and using over simplified examples to appeal to peoples emotions. It's effective, but it doesn't make people realize the full picture. People will take the worst aspect and use that as why you should be against something, then take take the best aspect and use that for why you should be for it, and then completely brush off the vast majority of examples that are mundane but explain the situation.

  4. This is what happens. Starting around 5 years ago every single YouTuber with the premium materials BS comparing everything to iPhone and if it does not look and be made with "premium materials" like iPhone it's considered subpar specs be damned. Since everyone was sheep and bought into that nonsense other manufacturers simply copied Apple and here we are. It's fine if Apple wanted to do it if we kept other viable options outside of Apple but it got to a point where consumers can't look to different manufacturers. Slowly but surely all options/features became uniform across the board. This is what happens when people become sheep and blindly buy cause of how something looks and camera quality. I wish some new manufacturer would come out and drop a plastic phone with all the old features removable battery, headphone jack, unlocked bootloader, easy repair (minus the bezel) but with today's specs. There should be a market for everyone

  5. I always refused to touch Apple products because I saw these shady practices a mile off. Louis Rossman helped confirm my suspicion and the fact this is gaining so much traction is great.

  6. i have the same ikea lamp, but you installed the lampshade bracket upside down. The light source should not be visible. that foxes me.

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