[Video] You CAN'T buy AMD's best product…

Check out the Manta toolkit at: iFixit.com/LTT AMD has had APUs for a long time, and in the middle of a GPU shortage, they’re more relevant than ever. So why …

[Video] You CAN'T buy AMD's best product… 1
[Video] You CAN'T buy AMD's best product… 2
[Video] You CAN'T buy AMD's best product… 3
[Video] You CAN'T buy AMD's best product… 4
[Video] You CAN'T buy AMD's best product… 5

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  1. I live in Egypt, these 4000 series APUs have actually been readily available on their own for your average consumer but on the same conditions, buy a motherboard, RAM and a cooler.

  2. I bought 4650G Pro from store but it was the only store in Finland who was selling them… And when it arrived, it clearly was for OEM manufacturers, it arrived in brown box, the cpu was in black cardboard box with black foam (ESD) and the cooler was in a plastic holder and two stickers just showed into the box.

  3. 4700G and 4750G make GREAT Home Server CPU's! Built in GPU, so you can use a BX50M series MoBo and 64GB or 128GB or RAM, no need for a dGPU due to iGPU, and then use the other slots for a RAID controller, or PCIe SSD for VM's.

  4. I predict scalpers are going to go after those CPUs too when they do release. Scalpers are trash that that need to deemed illegal and punished in proportion of the price they push of their most egregious listing; $500 for a $100 product 4 years prison no bail nor parole, and all product breaking anti scalper laws will be confiscated and distributed to loving homes.

  5. For a little perspective, I've got a 3900X @4.2ghz all core paired with a RTX 3090 and 64GB of 3600mhz RAM running off a 1TB Samsung 980 Pro PCIE 4 NVME and can't push MSFS2020 beyond about 45 FPS. It is notoriously thread bound. Playing MSFS2020 on my HTPC with a GTX 750Ti is still very enjoyable and the 750Ti still shreds eSports (Rocket League, etc).

    Point is, if all you can score right now is a 2gb 750Ti, you'll still have a good time gaming, even in 2021.

    The 750Ti is a legend for a reason 🙂

  6. Linus, is your right arm okay? You seemed to be avoiding it weirdly. The video doesn't apply to me because my computer is pretty decent. Just making sure you're alright!

  7. I've been wanting these for a while… but for an ITX build in a micro case using something like a PICO psu…. I want to run a custom power button next to my TV the PC is powering upstairs while I keep the PC downstairs on my server rack lol. Totally unnecessary but damn it, I want it lol. I've been inclined to go with Intel because of the total lack of reasonably recent iGPUs from AMD. But I would like the power efficiency of AMD compared to the hungry chips from Intel.

  8. You guys should really do a video on photonic computing! The very first buyable photonic computer was released and promises 10x more power for 90% less electricity compared to regular transistor based computers.

  9. My GeForce 740 M is feeling very hurt by your words, Linus. I was actually finally going to get around to replacing my laptop with a new desktop this year… and then this year happened…

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