What To Do When Your Business Is Hacked


As businesses move to a remote workforce, hackers have increased their activity to capitalize on new security holes. Cybercriminals often use unsophisticated methods that continue to be extremely successful.

These include phishing emails to harvest credentials and gain easy access to business-critical environments.

Hackers are also using ransomware to hold your data hostage, demanding a ransom payment in exchange for a decryption key that unlocks your stolen data.

When dealing with a cyberattack, there are practical steps you want to follow.

What do these steps include?

  1. Quickly contain and isolate critical systems
  2. Report the hack to your customers and business stakeholders
  3. Engage the help of law enforcement
  4. Enact your disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  5. Analyze the attack, and remediate

Quickly contain and isolate critical systems

This first step is necessary: quickly contain and isolate critical systems. There is a chance that if you discover ransomware or other evidence of the hack on your network, it may not have made it to all business-critical data and systems.

Isolate known infected clients from the network as soon as possible. This action prevents any…


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