5 Critical Steps to Recover From a Ransomware Attack

Hackers are increasingly using ransomware as an effective tool to disrupt businesses and fund malicious activities.

A recent analysis by cybersecurity company Group-IB revealed ransomware attacks doubled in 2020, while Cybersecurity Venture predicts that a ransomware attack will occur every 11 seconds in 2021.

Businesses must prepare for the possibility of a ransomware attack affecting their data, services, and business continuity. What steps are involved in recovering from a ransomware attack?

  1. Isolate and shutdown critical systems
  2. Enact your business continuity plan
  3. Report the cyberattack
  4. Restore from backup
  5. Remediate, patch, and monitor

Isolate and shutdown critical systems

The first important step is to isolate and shut down business-critical systems. There is a chance the ransomware has not affected all accessible data and systems. Shutting down and isolating both infected systems and healthy systems helps contain malicious code.

From the first evidence of ransomware on the network, containment should be a priority. Containment and isolation can include isolating systems from a network perspective or powering them down altogether.

Enact your business continuity plan



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