Live Cybersecurity Webinar — Deconstructing Cobalt Strike

Organizations’ cybersecurity capabilities have improved over the past decade, mostly out of necessity. As their defenses get better, so do the methods, tactics, and techniques malicious actors devise to penetrate their environments.

Instead of the standard virus or trojan, attackers today will deploy a variety of tools and methods to infiltrate an organization’s environment and attack it from the inside.

In an interesting twist of fate, one of the tools organizations have used to audit and improve their defenses has also become a popular tool attackers use to infiltrate. Cobalt Strike is an Adversary Simulation and Red Team Operations tool that allows organizations to simulate advanced attacks and test their security stacks in a close-to-real-world simulation.

A new research webinar from XDR provider Cynet (register here) offers a better look at Cobalt Strike. The webinar, led by Cyber Operations Analyst for the Cynet MDR Team Yuval Fischer, will take a deep dive into the threat.

As a simulation, it is impressive in its capabilities, and it’s prized for being highly customizable. All these traits have also made it an effective attack tool for actual malicious actors. Cobalt…

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