[Video] A 24 Hour Battery Life Laptop – HP Elite Folio Showcase

We took a look at the new Elite Folio 2-in-1 from HP, featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 256GB of SSD storage, and an impressive battery capable of …

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  1. Throughout this entire video, Linus' attitude makes it clear that he absolutely despises this laptop. Yes it's fancy, has a really nice magnetic hinge system and a decent keyboard. That's about it. Rest of the specs regarding their price is utter trash, and Linus didn't forget to throw some slick hints at the fact that he doesn't like it at all, but he's still taking HP's money nonetheless lol

  2. LOL HP to their blank NA-consumers.. it got HPs original Vegan Leather..!! 3:55 why dont you critize that they scam people with this crap, when one of the biggest forces on the orig. Folio was real cow-leather that was outstanding to touch and now its petrolium plastic from polluting China that will tarnish some years from now into a sticky mess when the petrolium looses it chemical bond.

    The consumers.. wow.. Vegan Leather, that gotta be more green then real leather, because it is called Vegan.!!
    while in fact, it is plastic from the worlds most pulluting nation China. (China’s greenhouse gas emissions exceed those of U.S. and developed countries combined, report says, CNBC)
    bug who cares about the facts.. it is original Vegan Leather.
    what a scam.. first they make a Folio that is actual leather, that was praised to the moon in its materiel, and HP used that leather to ride the greensignal and now with their new revisions they exchanged that real lether with plastic from China and still have the audacity to call it Original Vegan Leather. (wow)
    – and it aint like this is a very cheap laptop' when it cost like 2k. and HP instead of keeping it real can spend a few promotion-coins to the biggest coporrate-influencer shll' as in getting this canadian influencer to spin the consumers..- remember this when you have one sticky mess some years down the line when the petrolimum looses its chemical bond…
    Vegan leather … just tacky and wcked that consumers ' are eating it..a shame they dont keps the real leather in their Folio line instead of fronting some dirty plastic fron China' as socalled vegan leather that is useally plastic with some oil & gas. .
    and not to mention this petrolium plastic that shall mimic leather, it often falls apart in some years… I think most consumers have items that suddenly get sticky, when this mixmatch of plastic and petrolium loses its chemical bond and tarnishes. (no thx HP, real cow-lether like you did the previously years with this Folio line, afterall your asking a price where you should be able to carry such materiel but when a character shll like this Canadian dude above dont mention it, because they paid him some money for a paid promotion. then such corporate-tactics will win.)
    But sure it is easy to just pay some money to shlll influencers on social media where the backbone is flimsy and get a "review" turned into a paid promotion where negative voices are silenced. (a slippery slope for the consumers and pretty obvious it aint his viewers interests and purses – at heart.)

    – The same with the brand North Face, that has been the laughing stock, lately, after they said to a huge oil and gas company, we dont want to make clothing to you, because your company work with oil and gas, and such a virtue statement is hilarious when you have in mind that 90% of all North Face productline is made from plastic / Oil & Gas and huge part in China.. North Face clothing line is one of the most polluting' you can find in clothing brands..

    and now North Face is the proud winner as the extraordinary customer for the oil & gas indutry.

    hypocrisi are unreal for these woke companies like North Face and Nike that in fact are one of the most polluting clothing brand you can find, while using slavelabor in China.

    If some country literally had the latitude to virtue sigal, then it should be the world oldest national flag. Denmark.
    as they are one of the most developed nations on the planet and still being able to cut their Co2 emission with 6/7 in like a few decades.
    and year after year setting new world record in getting their energy from wind.
    2020 – 55% of all Denmarks consumtion are wind.. nr 2 in the world is down around 20 to 25%… so really no contest, but Denmark also houses the world biggest & oldest windturbine maker, danish "Vestas" snd also houses the world biggest shipping company Maersk line. (those huge light-bluecontainer ships that dpes consume a lot) and LEGO
    but it aint cheap to take this green path.. energy prices in Denmark for consumers are around 0.35 to 0.4USD pr 1kwh. and the highest in Europe… though its mostly all tax. the nettoprice for 1kwh is only 14% of that, and one of lowest in Europe as they are making their energy themself from wind.

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