[Video] Addressing my Bad Take on RTX 3080 Ti – WAN Show Jun 4, 2021

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  1. GTX 260 Luke was talking about BF BC2 I had SLi 285's so tecnically 4 way SLi was getting 40fps and I went from them to SLi Gtx 580's with water cooling.

  2. Come on, I said in the review who still watches you guys for reviews? I've accepted you guys are only good for tidbits and entertainment but who actually watches your show thinking I'm going to buy this absurdly expensive product? Sure some people do but come on. If you really can't understand how tone deaf nvdia's move was from your peers, not only that, but from the people who propped you to your current status then you just wouldn't understand.

    End of the day if I am to trust just 1 guy and his team versus many guys and their teams and indepedant reviews then sorry linus you lost this one. You can continue to entertain us but for god sake man, learn your average viewer and consumer.

  3. The titan was a bit better if not same as the 80 Ti versions but still people that wanted the best of the best did buy a Titan even though it wasn't value for money. I am not saying that the 3080 ti isnt expensive, but the logic that people now have a few hundred dollar cheaper option for basically the best GPU isn't really bad.

  4. Was the original review really that bad? So you had a different opinion, big deal. Not every reviewer has to agree on every point, and it's kind of suspicious when they do.

  5. They shouldn't have released new cards with a shortage. It's a money grab as I see it and nothing more. Can't defend Nvidia at the moment. MSRP prices don't exist today for Nvidia.

  6. some of us actually get it.compared to the prices the cards are selling at now,
    not talking about from the mfg but the scalping.the 3080ti is a deal.i find it
    amazing most of the people dont get this.like talking to children just need a
    reason to whine about what they cant afford/buy.

  7. How can you even begin to justify value when the Market is completely out of whack. Nvidia is taking advantage of the shortage by releasing all these cards. People rush in to buy them because either they wont be available for long or thats all that is available, wtf are you on about. You need a reality check, most people are not in the IT world and sent shit all the time.

  8. "Just buy a value card instead". "Just buy second hand cards". What value cards??? There are *none*! What second hand cards? A GTX 1080 is 800-900 usd second hand right now. Anything lower in price or spec? Gone instantly. He's not getting it.

  9. I dont really care for Steve much but Linus, you were just wrong about that 3080 Ti video and the desperation in you trying to defend it was disgusting. Cmon now bro, dont be like that Verge guy and actually apologize

  10. Linus I am sure your Napoleonic Narcissism will not allow you to admit YOU ARE WRONG! So repeat this daily, Steve (GN) is always more right than Linus. Practice in front of the mirror and you wont look like an ass when you misspeak and bring another YouTuber into a discussion based on your feelings rather than real DATA!!!

  11. I guess I'm completely tone-deaf compared to everyone else in the comments section. I for one was looking forward to the 3080ti and so what if it's $1200msrp. Hell if my choices are a 3080 for between $1200-2000 and a 3080ti for potentially that same price then it's kinda duh. So what if it's only 10% faster if it's the same price.

  12. Dude I can’t trust your team outside of Anthony for hardware reviews anymore. It’s super obvious how out of touch you are. Several people I know including myself found 3080s for MSRP. it’s tough to do but not impossible.

  13. Gamers are being robbed though because these prices are going to stick. Once the global markets calm down I am sure MSRP prices will drop back down a bit but historically, once companies realize they can charge more and get away with it they will continue to do so.
    Adding a "halo" product at a high price is only going to allow Nvidia to raise MSRP of its lower tier cards and justify it with the higher realitive price of high end products.

  14. Yeah – 2024 the Nvidia RTXS 4090 TI 48gb ddr6 24000 cuda core / AMD VTX 8800XT 48gb ddr6 384 CU's – comes out for $3000 and we find out the chip shortage was created by industry scalpers at the silicon supply level.

  15. I remember when DLSS was introduced, the performance and quality wasn't good. I'm sure amd's solution will not be as good as DLSS, but it will be a plus especially for budget gaming.

  16. You Americans / Canadians just don't get it, here in SA we literally pay 3x after conversion / tax and in ratio to our income for GPUS.. having a 1650 is almost the same as buying a 3070 in Canada. OK. jeeezuz. you people have it ssoooooooooooo good. I do 3D rendering, hard simulation work, coding, game engine work, adobe , etc. etc., I use my crappy Dell G5 5590 for EVERYTHING, I have no option even if the cards where available. 1650s already do great stuff for me, so I cant even imagine how amazing those 30 series card are. I WOULD BE HONORED to be graced with a laptop even with a 3060 in it. nevertheless a friggin 3070, 3080 or 3090 / 6600 – 6900xt.. all those. DAMN MAN. WE PAY $2000 for a 3080ti here. INSANE.

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