[Video] AMD 6700XT Announcement!

In the middle of a crypto boom and silicon shortage, AMD has announced a new graphics card. Is that really such a good idea right now? Purchases made …

[Video] AMD 6700XT Announcement! 1
[Video] AMD 6700XT Announcement! 2
[Video] AMD 6700XT Announcement! 3
[Video] AMD 6700XT Announcement! 4
[Video] AMD 6700XT Announcement! 5

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  1. Hey mines on the way bought it 4/29/21 just 2 months out. It was a chore and a half to get ANY video card, but I lucked out an scored it off amd's website. I am sitting here now waiting for the card to show up it shipped fassst.

  2. Of course there is a 98% increase for 1440 fast refresh rate. It had few adopter before. Going from 100 to 198 users does not mean that it's a good target. Also, the 6700XT is garbage and overprice. Radeon is becoming what they fought so long to defeat.

  3. Okay i have watched Jay and Gamers Nexus now this, LISTEN, the 3090 is like the 6900XT, the 3080 is like the 6800XT, the 3070 is similar to the 6800, Now NVIDIA already have a 3060 and a 3060TI AMD isn't going to release a video card that equals the performance of 3060 (that would be stupid) what performance did you expect, its was always going to be either at little bit faster than 3060ti or 3060ti levels at a slightly cheaper MSRRP

  4. Amd sharpening is better than nvidia…..so i had AMD now i ve have Nvidia but next time i will definitely go with AMD because is BETTER 😀

  5. The 6700XT is a supply chain strategy. If it takes less raw material to produce, then you can produce more of them faster. The demand is super high, so AMD needs to satisfy the demand faster with crap cards. Also, if it is a bad mining card, then it's a good gaming card (gamers running GTX 1050 TI's would be happy to upgrade to a 6700XT).

  6. "especially at sub-4k resolution" .. good .. because I still have not bought into the whole "gotta have the highest resolution" hype .. or the fastest CPU hype .. I am NOT a professional gamer nor am I launching my new career to become one ..

    .. in a couple of years when the prices drop on these current Gen GPUs/CPUs/MBs and I can buy them NOS, I'll look up these videos and spend some money .. a lot less money ..

    .. AND .. fwiw .. most of the games used to benchmark these cards I simply do not (nor likely will I ever) play .. so there is that too .. I mean, there is Horizon Zero Dawn .. but for the cost ("bang for your buck" metric) my PS4 runs it very very well ..

  7. "And it also doesn't tell us anything about how many units will be available for each region or even in each drop."

    Speaking of drop, we are big fans of dropping things here at LTT and thats why this video is sponsored by Massdrop!

  8. I don't understand why people are so upset about releasing before theres a ton of stock, its still going to take them just as long to get the same amount of stock.

    Atleast theres a chance of you getting a new gpu right now, and with enough effort you can get one within a few months basically guaranteed. Better than waiting like a year for stock to normalize

  9. To be fair to AMD, is the 6700xt not built from the wafers that couldn't cut it for the 6800+cards? I mean all GPU manufacturers do this, that's why they release the flagships first so not to have waste wafers at the end once they've reached the bottom of the deck…

  10. Hey Card Manufactures, here is an idea. SEND A UNIQE TIME SENSITE LINK TO THE PEOPLE WHO SIGN UP TO BUY ONE! First come, first serve would be nice, but randomize the list. Yes, some scalpers will still get in, but you will ATLEAST make it fair game and put the cards back into the hands of the people who are buying it to use it.

  11. Congrats AMD bringing out a better mining card than the 3060 and 3060ti with lower power consumption. Only people playing games on these cards are YouTubers and people willing to spend 3x the premium.

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