[Video] Apple's 40-Core Desktop is Coming! – WAN Show May 21, 2021

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[Video] Apple's 40-Core Desktop is Coming! - WAN Show May 21, 2021 1
[Video] Apple's 40-Core Desktop is Coming! - WAN Show May 21, 2021 2
[Video] Apple's 40-Core Desktop is Coming! - WAN Show May 21, 2021 3
[Video] Apple's 40-Core Desktop is Coming! - WAN Show May 21, 2021 4
[Video] Apple's 40-Core Desktop is Coming! - WAN Show May 21, 2021 5

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  1. back when bitcoin was first mentioned I was given like 5 bitcoins for free and I laugh. saying "wtf am I gonna do with this useless shit? this shit will be gone by next year". i never paid attention to any crypto currency until I found out 1 bitcoin was worth a fortune, but the 5 that I had were lost in the wind.. can't even remember where I had the 5 bitcoins so I will never see them again lol

  2. Corsair virtuoso (non XTs) look great, but I remember it was so difficult to get them to sound good using ICUE as a non-audiophile. I even remember Linus or James mentioning this in their last wireless gaming headset review. I use Dolby Atmos for headphones to make them sound OK. But I would buy these instantly if I knew if anything changed to help with making better sound profiles that sound plebs like me would think sound good.

  3. To buy a Tesla, with years of electric car leadership…or a vaporware F150, which when it finally arrives will be a beta-test run? Yes it is an obvious choice.

  4. 36:00 I work for a company that is contracted to do this for Chevy. There 60,000 Chevy Colorados sitting around in the St. Louis area for this exact same reason

  5. I love Linus but he obviously is very one sided on where he gets his information about Tesla. I totally understand the concerns and they are important to make. Just don't let it make you blind to everything Tesla does well. Also Tesla doesn't need the EV credits they are just taking advantage of it to grow faster 😉

  6. ATM Machine is a terrible example. No human ever has heard the following phrase and gotten confused…. "Take me to an ATM…." They don't sit there and say to themselves "You want me to take you where? To an ATM…….OH an ATM MACHINE! Okay!" That is a redundancy. It's not needed. The RAM Speed thing is important because eventually (and we're pretty close) the Mhz will get so high as to be impossible. In other words, RAM should hit the "GHz wall" just like CPUs have. When that happens we will all be walking around talking about impossible speeds on RAM. RAM only makes sense now because we have 5 Ghz CPUs and 4 Ghz RAM. 4Ghz RAM is probably possible. 8 Ghz RAM is probably not, neither is 16Ghz RAM. Unfortunately, with QDR, one day it will seem like it is.

  7. For me lossless audio is only really needed for audio production etc., 320 kbps is the way to for high-quality speakers etc. and for normal consumer headphones etc. I couldn't hear a quality loss after about 192kbps

  8. 4:30..wow!! Linus finally gave some of his retarded viewers a piece of his mind ! good on ya Linus…more of that please Linus…slag them off where slagging off is due…

  9. Chiclet keyboards… I am not going to blame Apple that not single laptop manufacturing line is left making a real keyboard notebook. Not even Sharp took that short cut with the first the world's first notebook. My laptop is so thin (British accent) that it cannot support the weight of a poodle's step without cracking…now that's style!

  10. Try hi-def audio on high end speakers. Not even on expensive consumer grade headphones, on high end speakers. You WILL hear a difference. It’s weird to see so many tech journalists poo-poo the idea of hidef audio, when the same people get so excited about a few more frames per second, or slightly more contrast ratio, or a few more megapixels. But, when it comes to sound, why the attitude? The consumer has become used to crappy audio quality and I wonder if it isn’t a result of tech media not caring about great sound as much as they care about great image quality, and thus leaving the manufacturers off the hook. Apple does not, and has never produced, excellent quality speakers. They can be really good, but not excellent. Perhaps this also lets the rest of the industry off the hook for it too. Nobody mass produces high quality speakers, so they are unfortunately very, very expensive. You have to spend several thousand dollars before you are going to hear a clear difference with hidef music. The important thing is there IS a difference, and anyone can hear it if they are using the correct equipment.

  11. You can't fight people's irrational need to be either victims or to express their moral superiority. 🙁

    You guys did a great job hosting that for the families and kids.

  12. The only people upset about wireless headphones not supporting lossless audio don’t understand or need lossless audio. That is the whole damn point it is for “perfect” audio…. Most everyone is fine with good audio lol

  13. i think this chip shortage is now to a point artificial, as manufacturer found now that they can charge more for lower production volume, thus higher margins. they have already tons of time to catchup to account for the dip of production during the initial covid dip of production.

  14. I'm all for technological advances including w EVs. However, a ton of areas are already experiencing power shortages for keeping businesses and homes lit… a wave of EVs is going to strain the system like crazy. Not to mention the cost of eletric is going to increase with demand. Oh, and those FREE charging stations… do you remember FREE air at gas stations? We're going to start seeing charges show up there as well… just saying

  15. Anything above CD quality is utter masturbation. No, you cannot hear above 22khz. No, you don't need more than 96db dynamic range.

    As far as lossy vs lossless, it's definitely good to have a lossless original from which to make appropriate lossy files from, and to avoid generational loss. High bit rate opus sounds quite good with great storage savings.

  16. Says apple just does their own thing, implying other people don't do it.
    2 minute later:
    Everyone copies Apple.

    I really wish people could see what a ripoff apple products are. Every conversation I have with an Apple user ends with "It's stylish", "Girls like it", or "I don't want my texts to be the wrong color". Garbage products for people that like neat looking garbage.

  17. The thing is, that RAM clock speeds are about 300-400MHz. It has been for a long time and it's dictated by the properties of copper. Can't have more than 400MHz square wave signal on it. DDR4 is about multiplying that frequency by 8. So there are two clock signals that are phase shifted by half of a cycle to get 4 transfers per clock cycle. It is then doubled again by some magic to get the juicy 3200"MHz". So none of them are actually "right" (what even is right here lol). Ram is complicated and as more burst transfer strategies get impemented, the clock speed will start to matter less and less. Very similar to cpus, where you can't really accurately judge cpu only based on the clock speed. We just use it to get a feel for how high end of a cpu it is and that's that. This whole debate is pointless. Also people don't care what the clock spped is. It doesn't matter. The performance matters. That's why technology review websites exist. If the performance was just up to a single number, then there is no need for LTT or any other channel like that.

  18. Oh, Linus made it sound like the outrage about the title was about how it kinda sounds more definite than the rumor actually is. But it's just the anti-Apple morons who are almost as bad as the Apple morons they hate. "Why is title mention Apple?" It's disgusting quite how much Apple matters, but of course Apple matters.
    Pretending otherwise isn't going to get you anything, unless you're making decisions for one of their competitors. In that case, yeah, please stop basing all of your decisions on Apple's.

  19. apple starts supporting things their own stuff cant handle ? finally a shimmer of light that they might turn into a good company

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