[Video] Asus M16 – The Cost of Using Intel…

My review of Asus ROG M16. Reasonably priced and better performing than the G15 but it comes at a cost.
Priced from $1380 and up

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30 Comments on “[Video] Asus M16 – The Cost of Using Intel…”

  1. Hey guys about video editing. Which video program let's you add smoke in the background and foreground of someone speaking? And then you can gradually increase the smoke to fog the room.

  2. I wonder if the soldered RAM is stock RAM or good RAM? This Australian reviewer found a 20% boost when he removed the 2 RAM sticks and replaced them with identical Crucial RAM sticks. Apparently something in the "cl9" or whatever department. So stock RAM on most laptops is why your overall speed is slow.

  3. I have G14 and already the hot air flowing directly into the screen. The chin sort of stops the air from directly hitting the screen in some way. So in the long gaming sessions on this device might harm the panel.

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