[Video] Bet Your Laptop Can't Do This…

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49 Comments on “[Video] Bet Your Laptop Can't Do This…”

  1. Love it but will not buy until new design has bigger trackpad, more ports and has no gap between screen and keyboard.
    Imagine, you put it in the bag with many stuffs and stuffs fall in the gap and scratch the screen.

  2. I like this STYLE of presentation with no music, honest opinions, and actually giving pointers after having used the product, even for a short while.
    Lew, you should do this more often.

  3. My Microsoft surface book 2 just had a major issue after the warranty with a software update and now I can’t receive any help for a repair that could potentially cost $1500. I’m officially switching to Macs

  4. Please don’t buy any surface products, software has many issues, they update it regularly, whenever new updates comes the system fails in many other hardware things…for me in last update and the keyboard and mouse stopped working…customer service is worst. Doesn’t worth the money we pay to those people!!!!!

  5. Hi, thanks for the review. But have you noticed the Surface book 3 is flickering when you change the Display resolution to 2560×1440 and change the item size to 175% ? . After the settings have changed, When you open a full resolution image, it starts to flicker
    I'm using the 3rd replacement of Surface book3 which Microsoft sent and still having the same issue (even they couldn't fix it over the phone). I'm waiting for my 4th replacement and hope they will not send a device which has the same issue. If someone knows how to fix this, appreciate if you can help me out.
    Thank you!

  6. Unbox Therapy: I bet your laptop can't do this: Completely detach the keyboard and have a fully functional tablet mode.
    Me watching the video with my Surface Pro 7: Id like to speak with your manager.

  7. i have a refurbished model 1 surface book and i love it. if it ever breaks down or i'm looking to just upgrade, i'm just gonna get the latest version of the same laptop, it's that good.

  8. My laptop can. I detached the screen placed a couple of double tapes and it did the job. Only to find out that when I boot it up it says "I HATE YOU" and shuts down. Pretty fair at the price

  9. he detached it and it said autorotate on though it did not rotate my laptop does rotate into tablet and it also says autorotate on that means my laptop is better in a way.
    my laptop costs : 313 dollars
    this laptop costs : 1299 dollars
    my laptop : amazing

  10. I have surface book 2 top end varient. I would say that is the worst of the worst laptop on the planet after spending almost 3.5 to 4k. It's super slow, the RAM is very less HZ and the SSD is super slow. Hope SB3 is nice. I'll never go for any microsoft device in the future. They are worse. Slow.

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