[Video] Can They Watercool Better Than Me?

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[Video] Can They Watercool Better Than Me? 1
[Video] Can They Watercool Better Than Me? 2
[Video] Can They Watercool Better Than Me? 3
[Video] Can They Watercool Better Than Me? 4
[Video] Can They Watercool Better Than Me? 5

39 Comments on “[Video] Can They Watercool Better Than Me?”

  1. The fact that they got 8 or 10 3090 cards over 3 months is impressive. I'm still looking for a 3080. But I have the feeling that manufacturers aren't shipping anything to Europe, because I can't find one.

  2. Why would you even need to record anything in 12k? No streaming platform (Floatplane included) can play that resolution! Heck even 8k is mostly pixelated garbage.

  3. The word your looking for is Jubilee clip, they are used consistently in the motor trade due to the pressurised cooling system, fuel system etc 👍

  4. Unless Linus managed to get the RTX 3090 at MSRP, it seems it would have been more worth it to get the new Radeon PRO W6800 with 32Gb of memory at $2,249 USD which probably will actually be available? Heck, that's probably cheaper than a scalped RTX 3080.

  5. For the screwdriver, why not just have different choices for colors so if people have a specific color to match other tools they have or a specific color they like, they can just choose, just an idea.
    Love watching all your vids, keep it up man.

  6. I wonder when they started uploading this video compared to when we saw it uploaded because the video is 5 hours … usually itd take a few days to upload a multi hour video

  7. So luke basically lived with Linus for a few years and has been working for and with him for over a decade or so, but James has been with him for longer than any other friend? Luke, man, you've been cheated! haha

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