[Video] Eating 3D Printed Chocolate!

What would be the unholy offspring of a fridge and a 3D printer? The Cocoapress. Today we’re 3D printing chocolate, and its definitely going to be our most …

[Video] Eating 3D Printed Chocolate! 1
[Video] Eating 3D Printed Chocolate! 2
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[Video] Eating 3D Printed Chocolate! 4
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24 Comments on “[Video] Eating 3D Printed Chocolate!”

  1. I am thinking about the advantages of creating a machine like this. With some fine-tuning and you can print anything that is temperature-sensitive (to a 10th of a degree). I can't wait to see what else the technology can be used for.

  2. 8:49 Fun fact: If you see the logo spinning the other way and last moment it switches direction, that's because of the Ames window illusion and it seems to work here due to the LTT logo 🙂

  3. Did the Coco Press people sponsor this vid? It really looks like you all tried pumping this thing up SO HARD when it barely worked.

  4. as neat as this is, itll end up failing, regular 3d printing can be use for utilitarian purposes, this wont really find a market beyond hobbyist or the rich for playing with their food

  5. Some friend of mine had to think about customized chocolate solutions, and thought about 3D printing chocolate. It turned out 3D printing the molds to put the chocolate inside is actually more reliable and more efficient (you don't have to rely on very slow printing times if you have 100 times the same chocolate piece to do). I don't really see an interest to this machine, given how complicated it is to make it work (but it is definitely a very funny project).

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