[Video] Finally Revealing my BIG SECRET

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[Video] Finally Revealing my BIG SECRET 1
[Video] Finally Revealing my BIG SECRET 2
[Video] Finally Revealing my BIG SECRET 3
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  1. I don't understand how an optic thunderbolt 3 cable is more performant than a regular thunderbolt 3 cable, can somebody with more knowledge about this topic explain to me why he could not use a regular thunderbolt 3 cable for his setup? Or is it mainly because of the increased range an optic cable provides?

  2. Another example of how you get what we can never get. It's so awesome for you guys, huh? Here's my face not being able to get any components, rub that cable in it real hard!

  3. Just explain to me why the hell he travelled through the whole office to deploy the whole cable, it would have been the same 50 m if it had been in its spool😑😐

  4. Tbf, given the professional environments this cable is designed to work in, the price isn't too bad. In the professional space, even camera handles and proprietary storage media are worth much more (with little justification).

  5. 480USD for a 50m fibre-optics thunderbolt cable? I was actually expecting it to be somewhere like 800 to 1000. If you consider the market for a cable like that, it's not even THAT crazy. It's the 5m that's 360USD that is pretty expensive.

  6. Corning stays on, and develops, bleeding edge fiber tech. I've worked on a Corning project where we swapped out components and equipment half way through design, because they wanted that new tech. That's a big deal. And the schedule didn't change. Wonder how smart deploy compares to PDQ Deploy?

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