[Video] Gaming on LEAKED Windows 11

This week a leaked version of Microsoft’s upcoming rumoured Windows 11 was posted on Chinese site Baidu. We were able to get our hands on it and EVEN …

[Video] Gaming on LEAKED Windows 11 1
[Video] Gaming on LEAKED Windows 11 2
[Video] Gaming on LEAKED Windows 11 3
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[Video] Gaming on LEAKED Windows 11 5

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  1. All the features of windows 11 were supposed to be only available in windows folding phone and Microsoft was not planning to bring a new windows version, that is why they told windows 10 is the last one

  2. If they where to claim "There will be no Windows 12" everyone will be like, yeah sure Microsoft, just like there wasn't supposed to be a Windows 11.

    With Win10 they had a bit of basis for it by being so god damn big.

    But hey maybe they where just trying to get everyone away from the older OS with the promise of not having to switch after that?

  3. Hey, for all of you who have stated that there are issues installing on real hardware. If you are to boot the installer in a Windows 10 environment using the attached setup.exe file, you can avoid the lock altogether. Seems they forgot to add the lock to the soft install method. I am using Windows 11 as my daily driver.

  4. Windows store, in my honest opinion, is actually pretty useful in some cases, here's 3 of my reasons (you can also call them examples.)
    1. Windows Subsystem for Linux (niche),
    2. Python 3.9 (niche) (I was trying to run an old skimmer script I wrote, and when I tried running to make sure I had it, it opened the store for me, and I installed it from there. No PATH editing, no restart.),
    3. Blender 2.9 (Yay, 2.9 has finally hit the windows store branch, and it works just fine. Very useful for a quick and lightweight port of Blender.)

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