[Video] How We Make 17 Videos a Week

In this video, we follow a typical week at LMG as the team works to shoot all the Linus Tech Tips, ShortCircuit, and TechQuickie videos that our fans expect.

30 Comments on “[Video] How We Make 17 Videos a Week”

  1. Linus Media Group's crunching like mad to make the schedule work each week is making me fell guilty for wanting more videos each week. Chill out dudes that isn't healthy at all! I don't speak for anyone but myself but I can wait for you guys to publish on a more sparse schedule.

  2. I feel like Linus needs a personal assistant to help keep his schedule and communicate with worried James when Linus isn't able to answer his phone

  3. I watch LTT since the kitchen times, its great and i love it, but i have an opinion. The quality of production never been higher, but the quality of the content is lowering, most of the videos now seen mechanical and have no soul to it. I would love see less videos but with a better script. Quality is better than quantity. Also Linus is overworked, you need to find someone with the same charisma and sincerity to help shoot the videos and spread the workload, people like Luke and Anthony. The Stress, anxieties and burnout build up, its not healthy. s2

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