[Video] I Would NOT Want to be Intel Right Now……..

Dr. Lisa Su kicked off COMPUTEX 2021 with a bang, and there’s a LOT to talk about. So let’s do that. Sorry, Intel. Purchases made through some store links may …

[Video] I Would NOT Want to be Intel Right Now........ 1
[Video] I Would NOT Want to be Intel Right Now........ 2
[Video] I Would NOT Want to be Intel Right Now........ 3
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  1. I just don't understand one thing why do people detest organizations who have been producing the best products in computing market which they themselves are not even qualified of innovating but rather just buying and showcasing. Just to gain some browny points…pathetic!

  2. the best value cpus with no availability issues, and a seemingly competitive video card around the corner. And they have still the intel mindshare which is not to be under estimated. doesnt seem like a bad position

  3. Lol why your info about FSR was so bad?
    FSR is open source , it will probably be on a lot of games and even old nvidia users can use it ; its a lot easier for developers to use it.

    Its hard to not judge you when you dont be clear enough about this (yeah there is a fast comentary in the end)

    I think that FSR could take almost all the market , and dlss being a thing on a few games , and people dont carrying a lot about it; by Fsr being open source , everyone will help it develop.

  4. Seems that Linus changed quite a lot since 10 million subs, he's now doing the videos only for money and not for the original channel purpose, which was useful videos for the audience

  5. When i start to be AMD since 2005 i knew it why i need to amd.. 1990 to 2005 INLTE amd from 2005 .. SO HF GL.. INTEL IS GOOD CPU PRICE VS PERFORMANCE is more than anything..

  6. AMD making FSR available to nvidia users as well gives me hope for my asus dual 1070 to keep on fighting through (2017-2021 and beyond)

    It really puts it into perspective when a competitor does more for the others userbase than the creator itself.

  7. 4:06 Yep business. Its what people do if they ever put down the bag of Doritos, let go of the game controller, crawl out of moms basement and get a job. I wonder how well they will run SolidWorks, Inventor and FEA?

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