[Video] Looks Like NVIDIA Lied…. – WAN Show Jun 18, 2021

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[Video] Looks Like NVIDIA Lied.... - WAN Show Jun 18, 2021 1
[Video] Looks Like NVIDIA Lied.... - WAN Show Jun 18, 2021 2
[Video] Looks Like NVIDIA Lied.... - WAN Show Jun 18, 2021 3
[Video] Looks Like NVIDIA Lied.... - WAN Show Jun 18, 2021 4
[Video] Looks Like NVIDIA Lied.... - WAN Show Jun 18, 2021 5

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  1. ads make it look more legit and realistic lol. i mean if you go to an arena in real life you will see the ads on the walls. no reason they shouldnt be real ads if the money can help the games work better. but im hopeful 😀

  2. regarding the thing with tesla having different hw and a lot of changes (namely the removal of the passanger lumbar adjustment), that's pretty common place among auto makers altough they go about it in a different way – tesla did it out of nowhere on something that's not an option, other auto makers sell everything as options, but the end result is the same, hw variations.

    it sounds more complicated than it is, what usually happens is they have a common platform with several options that can be enabled/disabled easily (even though the options are sold for hundreds of dollars). basically, and I hope this is not news, car options are a scam, most of the hw is the same and most options are simple sw switches (impressively this only got atention when tesla started selling the upgrade for the standard cars, but everyone has been doing this since forever)

  3. They could offer to sell it for a dollar, still not going to buy it if I have to see ads and be on facebook. For me the value still isn't there if I have to be part of those two things.

  4. Linus "Baller" Sebastian has an Open warrant for his arrest for charges in the U.S. for what charge? 69 Counts of abusing his PhD in PIMP HAND. He could be sentenced to 20 days in a Nevada brothel at taxpayers expense. A reward of $2.45 if you hand him over to U.S. police.

  5. Facebooks plans to integrate Whatsapp Data was halted in Germany and should apply to the whole EU as soon as the EDSA has a meeting on EU level.

    I don't know if the acquiring of Oculus had the same "no data transfer allowed" as Whatsapp had, if it does, EU will block it on their side atleast.

  6. I had the same thing with Linux, I'm a software developer and really thought that I needed the configurability… Gave up after a few weeks, turns out all I actually want is a glorified text editor (IDE) and everything else just needs to go away.

  7. I'm going to go out on a limb and GUESS that Mr. Linus by now is a Multi-$Millionaire in net worth? All the sponsors and advertisements with loyal fan base it is impossible for Linus NOT to by 2020 or BEFORE reached the $Millionaire++ level…
    So Am I Correct? Or is Linus a Holy man or donates all of his money over $50K per year to charity?

  8. The problem with people today is we consume so much more than ever before and companies have perfected hiding their true intentions. If a company can keep a customet from asking why or "what do you do with my data" they will do it. A company should not be able to profit off aggregating personal information. If the US government is shunned for doing it why is it okay for a mega corporation?

  9. I believe part of the price for Tesla FSD is designed so that if there is a discrepancy with being able to support older cars that have paid for it, they will upgrade the required hardware to provide that capability.

    They mentioned this fairly early on when people were questioning how those earlier cars would work when the software is finally released, especially around the time of the upgrades to hw2 and hw3.

    Not to say I necessarily disagree with you, but they have addressed it.

  10. It was good to see you a little less adversarial, a little more positive today Linus. Been a WAN show watcher for a little while, and the last few had me wanting to tap out- this one was a breath of fresh air (as fresh as it can be in the current climate- looking forward to good news and value discussions based on sales/MSRP, more new tech reactions like in august-Nov last year)

  11. Whoever reads this wish all your dream can be achieved soon, and find happiness in your life, everything will get better it's just a matter of time. Work harder and don't give up 💚💚🤗

  12. This was literally the best timed start to the WAN show ever, usually we have 5 seconds of confusion as to whether youtube has worked or not hahaha 10/10

  13. is it possible to implement an authenticated P2P network to help alleviate FloatPlane's poor download speeds by leveraging the tech community's local machines and connections who are willing to contribute back to the greater LTT / FP community?

    ResilioSync comes to mind…

  14. Dude commenting on how easy it is to code machine learning isn't considering a couple things..
    1. Safety critical software, where if it messes up your could die, takes a lot of effort to certify and there are standards for what you have to prove out through things like ISO-26262. Having multiple versions of software takes a decent amount of time/money to keep under quality and configuration control as well as to PROVE that it's safe.
    2. Coding isn't the hard part of AI/NN/ML, getting enough data and GOOD data that can make the software do what you want 99% of the time and to help prove #1 to a certification or safety authority like the National Highway Traffic Administration is the hard part.

  15. Occulus software is total garbage. My nephew has the Rift S that was working fine and then out of the blue next time he went to use it he got a blank screen. We tried everything and weeks of back and forth with Occulus support could not figure out the problem so they sent him a new one under warranty. It had the same blank screen. I reinstalled the software (yet again) still nothing. So, I uninstalled occulus but this time before reinstalling I searched his computer for anything occulus related and deleted a number of files and folders that were still on his machine (there were still Occulus DLLs etc). I then reinstalled the software and it worked fine for a year until the software crapped the bed again. Facebook with billions of dollars and 10,000 employees lacks the ability to make a software uninstaller that can uninstall software and has a technical support team that knows less than a boomer who knows just enough about PCs to be dangerous. Save your money and buy something that works properly.

  16. 1:07:43 if you spend a bit of time getting familiar with Linux you can set up your workflow in a way that "everything just works".
    It's not for everyone, but for things like Python and Node, Linux is so much more "it just works" than adding things to $PATH in Windows. Linux is pretty bulletproof when set up right, in my opinion Windows is not.
    That said, I'm daily driving Windows at the moment on my desktop. When I upgrade my laptop that I won't use for gaming I'll go Linux.

  17. I can find 8 different AIO versions of the 3070Ti but absolutely no founders editions here in New Zealand also they're all priced between $1749 to $2179NZD

  18. Oculus lost me when they required FB login. I'm grandfathered in with the Oculus login, but that'll expire in I think 2023 at which point I'll be buying something else and never touch my Rift S again.

  19. To all the people looking for a GPU who can't find one, come here to Australia. I could (if I wanted to) walk into a few different stores here in Brisbane on Monday and buy (brand new in box direct from the manufacturer or wholesaler, not from a re-seller or scalper) one of a whole bunch of 3000 series graphics cards models from any number of board partners.

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