[Video] My Midlife Crisis Car

The Porsche Taycan 4S is an electric car made by a manufacturer who has a history of making cars, but its pricing can go up to $160000 so you could expect or …

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  1. Note: A couple of days ago Porsche announced an over-the-air update to their infotainment that includes adding Android Auto to the Taycan. The Taycan already had some of this system in place so it's unclear how many of our gripes will be addressed when it arrives.

    Also we are aware that the Model S Plaid is price comparable to this. It wasn't shipping when we reviewed this car and we can only do one car at a time. We'll be happy to check out the Plaid when/if we can. Porsche made it easier by offering short-term rentals.

  2. @Linus Tech Tips
    "Why doesn't it always start in individual mode?"
    Because the emissions ratings of their entire fleet are based on the standard mode.

    In other words: All cars they sell, together may not emit more than a certain quota. Legally for Porsche it is enough if the cars don't emit too much in standard mode.

  3. From the profile in the thumbnail, I thought this was a Tesla…

    Cars are starting to all look the same these days.
    (but then again, one of my cars is an Elise, so I'm biased)

  4. $103,000.00 USD is just a drop in the bucket. Said no one watching this.
    Edit: Yes I would buy one if I could afford one, but like Linus said about the infotainment system should be better than it is.
    Edit #2: A Porsche Panamera hybrid can be found used for $40k in great condition.

  5. The 50hp difference comes down to brake horsepower being the advertised horsepower and bigger number compared to wheel horsepower measured by the dyno which is usually less then bhp

  6. Fact is that Porsche is probably concentrating on the 911 GT3 RS and GT2 RS, as well as any other projects such as a potential 918 successor, overall though I think cars like the Taycan are much better suited to Europe currently, as there is a much higher population density in Europe, and you should be able to get to Newcastle from Southampton in the UK on a single charge in a good electric car

  7. Unfortunately even for how much was spent on that car the last thing that is often left in a car's development cycle is the infotainment system. like it is made to work but no extensive UX is done to it. Unless you are in something like like a Bentley that was meant to be driven by the owner and not a chauffeur.

  8. You almost got me interested for looking into the Taycan.. but they must not have considered that touch screen for us women with long fake nails. I drift just fine with them.. but flat touch screens are one of the most difficult things to use with them. The flat angle of the screen on this dash looks impossible, the middle console could possibly be useable but idk.

  9. When people that don't know anything about cars do car videos they generally become corporate stenographers. Especially if you put them in a much nicer car than they are used to driving.

    Nice to see that you gave Porsche a little bit of the business when it comes to their interior UI.

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