[Video] My Thoughts on Windows 11!

Windows 11 was announced today. Been using it for a week. Some thoughts on the new operating syste,

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[Video] My Thoughts on Windows 11! 1
[Video] My Thoughts on Windows 11! 2
[Video] My Thoughts on Windows 11! 3
[Video] My Thoughts on Windows 11! 4
[Video] My Thoughts on Windows 11! 5

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  1. As a software dev, I'd like to see Windows push WSL harder. I like the idea of using Windows almost as a Desktop Environment to Linux. It needs seemless hardware integration, especially for things like GPUs. Right now you need the Insider's Build of W10 with some beta drivers from Nvidia to get CUDA acceleration in Docker containers… I can't daily drive that on my Workstation. I'd have hoped that that it would get 1st class support with Windows 11. Right now the best compromise I've found is running Windows as a VM for MS Office exclusives like full Excel with PowerQuery. I thought W11 might pull me back from Ubuntu or Pop OS, guess not.

  2. So do you still have to format your computer before you can install windows 11 or you can just install with an update because on previous windows, I had to format my computer and install the new windows set up

  3. Upgrade usually means it's just more efficient/sneaky at spying on you. One the ONLY things that people increasingly care about with tech is privacy, and the these big companies wont touch this issue with a bargepole because it's simply too lucrative.

  4. Dave my friend, I really respect the way you lay out things, and I myself wouldn't have it any other way, but remember, there will always be that one water drop disturbing the serenity of the whole lake, also with all the disturbance in the lake there will bel little pocket of still calm water.

  5. Wait is that really windows 11 or you just made it look like windows 11. If you customized it then windows 11 is useless, you can even customise your windows 10 laptop to make it windows 11. Just came after seeing Marques's video. You both talked a lot in common.

  6. Hopefully we can leave the taskbar in the middle and just have the start button on the far left since it would keep moving towards the left as icons are added.

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