[Video] Nvidia Gaming Laptops Just Got Beat.

My review of the AMD Radeon RX 6800M in the ASUS G15 Advantage Edition.
These new GPUs have incredible performance for the money.

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39 Comments on “[Video] Nvidia Gaming Laptops Just Got Beat.”

  1. Dave it does not keep up with the 3080 if it performs less thats not keeping up. If my car goes 157mph and yours goes 138, your not keeping up, get your mouth off Lisa's butt for once…. fyi I play 5 games right now, MC, WOW, COD MW, WOLFENSTEIN, and Elite Dangerous. 4 of the 5 use ray tracing…… man your arguments weak….

  2. Will this filter into other Asus laptop models as a build option ? Specifically I'm interested in their 17inch models, like the version you recently reviewed.

  3. I feel like RT graphics will matter, because I have played a few games with RT graphics like Control, Cyberpunk 2077, Metro Exodus and The Medium, and I honestly think they look a lot better with RT on than off, so I consider it to be a standard now, any AAA game that doesn't offer RT graphics is immediately less better looking in my eyes.

  4. This is great stuff from AMD but I don't think you've accounted for DLSS. It's a game-changer and I've seen a 20-30% performance increase depending on the game.

  5. I like you channel. But the videos have got a bit sloppy recently. I don't know if it just because a lot is going on behind the scenes with the new set but the numbers for flight simulator were off. DLSS wasnt mentioned either which I think would have been important to at least mention before showing the benchmarks.

  6. if u are an architect student going to buy a laptop like this , keep in mind that nvidia's rtx gpus are better for rendering light as dave said in the video.

  7. I have an idea for your table alternative…
    You can use a tripod or a thin pole with a flat top that is in greenscreen color….you can erase the pole it in post to make the laptop levitate.

  8. I was skeptical going in after watching the LTT video, but I think Dave got it mostly right here. But you get a fuller story from both. LTT represented better that 3080 really is quite a bit faster, and Dave pointed out that the 3080 isn’t the right point of comparison judging by price. Looking forward to full reviews.

  9. Pleeeeeease watch Jarrod's video, where the 3070 is faster than this in every single benchmark. You are coaxing your audience into buying an inferior product, Dave 🙁

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