[Video] People Will Literally Fight Over This – RTX 3070 Ti Review

In an age where people will fight over even the chance to get a video card, does it really matter how one performs or what it costs? And is the 3070 Ti even any …

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  1. I wish there was a company that only releases 1 single good gpu at a reasonable price and only investing in that instead of investing in a lot other gpus that won't be suitable to almost anyone… that way we all could have a gpu.

  2. Lol, competitively priced 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    3080 Ti is 70% more expensive than the 3080, but offers only 5-8% more performance overall.
    3070 Ti is 20% more expensive than the 3070, but offers only 5-8% more performance overall.
    2 overpriced products just fill to Nvidia's pockets, nothing more nothing less.

  3. 5:13 "the 3070Ti doesn't manage much of an improvement over the 3070" Uh the graph you are showing even shows that the new 3070ti is actually performing worse than the original 3070. It's not an improvement, it's a downright downgrade.

  4. The last two LTT GPU reviews (RTX 3080 Ti, and 3070 Ti) reviews have been pretty off the mark, both received good reviews but are terrible value for consumers.

  5. This is the only positive review of this card lol. I kinda feel like you're inconsistent from the 3060ti review. Judging only on msrp as the video will be up forever being the point I'm referencing. If that's the case, why aren't you comparing % uplift in performance vs change in price at msrp? They don't match up well at all and if you think we should only be judging them off of msrp when the market is normal then how is this a good card? Isn't msrp of the 6800xt only 50 dollars usd more? The same card that trades blows with the 3080 while the 3070ti is not close to a 3080 in performance? I understand if you can get it for msrp and need a card then you should, but that's a caveat of the current market situation. If we're comparing based on msrp, this is bad value and you only briefly mention this in a single sentence. I'm sorry I am coming off super pissed but I have to get a new card to replace my 1080ti that is showing signs of dying and I had to over spend like crazy on only a 6700xt and am really annoyed by that because I wanted to get a 6800xt and just don't have the extra 500 dollars to get one right now. This is a really frustrating time and the only nice thing is that when youtubers have to review a new card that 99% of buyers can't get, those reviews are consistent.

  6. Hey I am done gaming my father passed away I am selling my 3090 and my 3080 TI Founders Edition The 3080 goes for 2700 to 3200 and the 3090 goes for 3700 to 4000 and i am selling the 3080 for 1200 and the 3090 for 2500 I am up for negotiation need the money very badly !!! anyone??

  7. In future there was brawl fight and best fights coming in all around the world and 2 price is 1 million dollars and 1 is 10 rtx 3090 it 😂😂

  8. Linus, can you please stop speculate the lenght of this GPU shortage? You're only making it worse by saying "it's going to be a very long time". No it wont. 2nd hand prices already dropped by 50% cause shops start to have stocks again and miners sell their gpu cause crypto is getting low. Stop manipulating people into buying overpriced gpu's.

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