[Video] Setting Up This Projector Was SO Much Work D: – LMG Lounge Update 2021

The LMG Gaming Lounge is finally coming back together, and with the help of Epson 3LCD Cinema Projectors, Eastporters Audio Video’s EluneVision Screens, …

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  1. Can you use that projector to increase the dynamic range/contrast ratio of the TV by adding extra brightness overlaid on top of the TV's own picture?

  2. I have a epson 5040ube it has a wireless transmitter and the quality is amazing ,I use is for movies , gaming and watching my favorite content creators on YouTube just make sure you have the ac on they are like space heaters enjoy it and thank you for the great content.

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  4. I would have gone a bit more nuts and tried to figure out if a 150 inch screen could fit in there. With a projector you go big or you go home and you're not home, your at the work lounge.

  5. Nice job linking to selling a dealer only projector on amazon, that isn't suppose to be sold online. And Installing it with an inferior mount, instead of the proper chief mount that the pro projectors actually come with.

  6. Why is this video so small. I like to watch youtube videos in the standard window with the list of videos on the side. but compared with others videos this one seems SMALL!

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