[Video] Should I Take NVIDIA Back?

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19 Comments on “[Video] Should I Take NVIDIA Back?”

  1. Im with Steve from gamers nexus, for how much this thing has over a 3080 which frankly is where we should be comparing it to as the question should be "is it worth paying more for than a 3080 which at launch had an msrp of $800 USD. Frankly this is just nivida trying to remove the scalpers as middle men and take some more of the cut for themselves. The edge the 3080ti has over the 3080 is minimal yet somehow nivida believes charging nearly double the msrp of a 3080 is somehow respectable? If anything all this will cause is uproar and its effectively them repeating the same mistake they made with the 2080ti not long ago. I believe this will also cause the 3080 to now sky rocket as its so close to a 3080ti that why not try charge more if nivida can charge more for something slightly better specs may as well try milk into it too. If anything the individuals who sat around deciding prices for the 3080ti deserve to be given a fair boot up the backside considering this is a fully swivel from nividas previous statements about "we are trying to make Gpu's more accessible to gamers and less to miners without stuffing our own pockets" this is just a complete back pedal and frankly should have nivida cop a few canes across the hands for this.

  2. I’m almost surprised that he didn’t do the comparison to the 2080 ti or for that matter the 1680 or even 1080. This one is a huge disappointment for me. I expected more.

  3. Nvidia does NOT deserve any credit, Linus! 10% more performance for nearly double the price at MSRP?! I think you forgot about the 1660 ti vs 1660 super videos you made…

  4. No can't believe you're shilling for the 3080 Ti a $1200 MSRP GPU which is on average 2-10% faster than a 3080. It's a waste of money it's $200 more than the 6900XT which beats the 3080 Ti in some scenarios. What kind of kick backs did you get from Nvidia for this review Linus !

  5. I think Linus missed the headline…..3080Ti is maybe 10% faster vs 3080 but costs 71% more……But hey Nvidia cares about gamers right….what a joke.I think this video was brought to you by Nvidia and their deep pockets.

  6. @linustechtips Linus… Seeing the reception to this video, why didn't you just re-take the video once you found out the price? This seems quite positive for a product that is not worth it in many people's eyes…

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