[Video] The Dirty Way Manufacturers are Downgrading Your PC

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[Video] The Dirty Way Manufacturers are Downgrading Your PC 1
[Video] The Dirty Way Manufacturers are Downgrading Your PC 2
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[Video] The Dirty Way Manufacturers are Downgrading Your PC 4
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  1. last year, there was a lot of tests done on AMD laptops coming out with Ryzen 4500U and 4700U. Some reviewers were astonished to see some Lenovo laptops with soldered RAM and a 4500U reaching the performance levels of other manufacturers' laptops sporting a 4700U. It would be nice going back to these and see if these "slow" 4700U are actually using 2xR16 RAM…

  2. I bought a laptop for college years ago. I'd had a decent experience with AMD's desktop and mobile APUs, and wanted something very cheap. The HP I'd had with an A6 had acceptable battery life and performance for general usage, so I thought I'd go for an A10. I was aware how much memory speed impacted APU performance, so I bought a nice extra stick of RAM. When I started using it, however, I discovered that Asus had decided to solder on 4GB of 1066MHz RAM. But here's the real kicker: It was on the same channel as the user-upgradeable DIMM slot. The laptop performed so abysmally in every single task, and the CPU was pinned at 60% usage when Idling because the memory was too slow to feed even an idling APU. It didn't help that Windows 10's "antimalware executable service" was always 50-100% CPU usage. I did a clean install of Windows and it didn't help. I pulled the laptop out last week because a friend wanted to play minecraft and didn't bring their computer. I installed Linux Mint XFCE, and it maintained less than 30fps in vanilla minecraft using the lowest settings running fabric with lithium, sodium, and phosphor. It's such a useless piece of hardware and I don't understand how the Asus executives decided it was good to leave 60% of the theoretical performance on the table.

    rant over, thanks

  3. Did Linus drop and break the tripod? Or are ya going for a Blair Witch cinematic vibe? Thought your office might be at sea around the 11 minute mark.

  4. You compare the performance gain for Ryzen between CS:GO and Dirt5 and say it's more modest. But in both it's a 0.5 ms improvement in average frametime. The difference between the two games is only 0.06ms!

    This is the problem with using FPS when you're measuring system latency. Plebs.

  5. If I remember correctly, this has been happening a since couple years ago, it's just not as apparent since at the time lots of 8 GB modules are likely to use 8Gbit 1Rx8 8IC configuration, and not the 16Gbit 1Rx16 4IC variant. Now I guess the 4IC 16Gbit 1Rx16 variant is more common for 8GB module?

    While we cannot be sure of the 1Rx16 and 1Rx8 configs from reading the spec, I guess the other way would be buying the one having 16GB modules such as 2x16GB config, since its more likely to be configured as 16Gbit 1Rx8.

  6. Then nvidia is fucked up right now 🤣
    The rx6800 was already great value for money and now after beating the 3080 team red will dominate the laptop business

  7. This happened with my msi laptop with an i7 and a 1070. Noticed my performance wasn't what it should and the gpu was getting bottlenecked. Loaded cpuz and found out I just had 1 stick of ram. I put in a second one and bam! Fixed! I recommend everyone using cpuz on their laptops to see

  8. This is why I didn’t buy a gaming laptop, because of sh*t like this along with quality control issues, poor reliability due to thermal issues, and recently Alienware’s attempt to disable cuda cores to limit performance on their r5/r6.

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