[Video] The Fastest Gaming CPU is… Intel?

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24 Comments on “[Video] The Fastest Gaming CPU is… Intel?”

  1. Thx…now we have to take design in account for performance…that really makes anything easy …(yo know).
    Heard this dude talking about ddr. Memory something intelligent about clock cycle and high and low signal… Gotta love that the business for actually saying…we are at the end of this technology…please use you money on something useful…
    Other then tech..

  2. Why is your title made to sound like it's a surprise? Intel has been at the top for gaming for YEARS. AMD finally broke through 6 months ago, but it's still mostly a toss-up.

  3. Yeah, because laptops are known for being “rig of choice“ for gamers. Bit clicbait title thats underneath you imho, sure the thumbnail will tell a story but cmon man, i have no interest in laptops- do i realy need to scan every video?

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