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25 Comments on “[Video] The IMPOSSIBLE PC”

  1. Hey guys, just to clarify, at one point in the video we mislabeled the CPU, but it is in fact a Ryzen 9 5950X. 🙂

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  2. Dear Linus or whenever this concerns,

    I simply cannot believe how much your employees suffer from the lack of ice cream of any flavor be it chocolate chip, vanilla, or the basic frozen desserts. I kindly insist you hire that ice cream delivery person, Jake "Bell" ASAP to resolve this issue. Hopefully probation worker 6 or whatever will have some coolers during their 2PM afternoon shoot.

    Wishing for a better workplace environment at LMG.

    A faithful viewer of LMG,

  3. i was wonderin i dont have a pc and i was wondering if i can build a pc i will be keeping up with this comment to see if u text me back on this comment then we go further i was jw

  4. You see, what you did to get the screw out is what you should have done to bleed it. Then there wouldnt be so much air left 🙂
    Nice work tho!

  5. 16:43 When that post screen came up my heart literally had all the feels of everyone in that room!
    "I had felt a great disturbance in the force as if a million IT voices suddenly cried out and then were silenced."

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