[Video] The Impossible Razer Laptop

Before my review of the Razer Blade 14, here’s a first look at a device running the AMD 5900HX with up to an RTX 3080. I have NO idea how they’re cooling both those…

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  1. As far as I know, the fastest 14'' 16:10 1600p screen is currently up to 90hz (from Lenovo Yoga), which is not enough for a gaming laptop.

    Its a compromise, but the only avaliable option from suppliers.

    However, 16G of ram is such a disappointment for me, as Razer should have the option to implement LPDDR4x for 32G.

    Maybe, for performance considerration, they didn't do it.

    We know AMD chips perform poorly on LPDDR4, and there might not be enough space for 32G DDR4 (My speculation).

    So, with next gen CPUs and DDR5, and future production of 14" 16"10 gaming screen, we might see the ultimate 14'' form factor.

  2. Without the mention of the TDP of that RTX 3080, there is nothing special that jumps out here.
    The whole "how did they do it" could just as easily be explained with a very low TDP 3080 in there.
    Now if that's not the case and it does have a decent TDP, then it deserves all the praise for sure.

  3. And then I looked at the pricing!!
    They could've easily knocked out the G14 with a similar price but this is just Intel level pricing for a 3060 (that too am underpowered one), can only imagine maybe a 70W 3080 in there, sheesh

  4. I was so hyped for this but seeing this device now is just extremely disappointing. It is like every other razer laptop ever. Just the same boring razer standard design we have since forever. I was hoping we would finally see a capable machine with Samsung's 90hz OLED 16:10 Displays which were introduced in February. But this display is just disappointing. This display was nice in 2017 but this thick chin and overall display specs are disappointing for a 2000$ device. The cooling will not be great just looking at the gpu power budget. They should have tried a 16" laptop with a nice 16:10 display. would have bought a version with a nice display but this is… not nice, not innovative… it is just Razer as we know it.

  5. I don't undestand why, even after Nvidia mandatory requirement, manufacturers forget to put TGP on their RTX cards in the spec sheets. From other sources it seems this 3080 can't go beyond 100W, that is 85W + dynamic boost at best. Still worth consideration, but it's not the best 3080 out there. By a long shot. It might be beated by fully spec 3070 140W easily IMO.

  6. You will not believe what they dif with this. They came out with some new advanced stuff… ill show you.. i dont know how they did it…. mky

  7. BEFORE WATCHING : I am thinking, what a genius marketing tactic – calling a product the impossible whatever the thing is 🙂 soon as I saw impossible tag from Dave, I was like whatever that is I want it!

  8. I'd be interested in this model if the Razer software was tone down-able and the battery life was good. As an editor and a writer, it's good to have both the performance and the battery life. I've just had such bad experiences with Razer software. I look forward to the review!

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