[Video] The NEW MSI GE76 – The Fastest

My review of the fastest gaming laptop i’ve used. MSI GE76 – 11980HK + RTX 3080
This is the best gaming laptop from MSI and it replaces their Titan series
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[Video] The NEW MSI GE76 - The Fastest 1
[Video] The NEW MSI GE76 - The Fastest 2
[Video] The NEW MSI GE76 - The Fastest 3
[Video] The NEW MSI GE76 - The Fastest 4
[Video] The NEW MSI GE76 - The Fastest 5

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  1. "The speakers are loud, but they do not project through these speaker cut-outs on the left and right"
    I don't think thats true, I hear music comming out on top. Simple test: When I play music on mine and I close the lid it sounds different. If they were only bottom firing and the cut-outs didn't do anything that would not happen.

    I have the 10th gen version, but I can't imaging that they would have changed this.

  2. Pffff just ordered a laptop with the 5900HX. But part of the choice was the good keyboard (Alienware X Cherry). Please tell me the keyboard on this one sucks 😅 EDIT: Oh I see the Steelseries logo there. So I think I can safely assume I wouldn't like it.

  3. even $$$$ in your pocket, it is very hard to order one.
    Taiwan and China Manufacturers are bottlenecked and shipping of this model could takes few months ,minimum, and still can not get a grantee to have it.

  4. about the lenovo legion 5 pro you said you dont like the trackpad, because it was too far on the left… and here you just say "its okay". And you say this Laptop is more or less portable, but the lenovo legion 5 pro was too heavy for you….
    i can not trust your reviews anymore, sorry

  5. Hold on. They went to make a perfect laptop and said…."nope, we have to put the speakers facing down, thanks for the cut outs though!"
    Why can't it just be a standard for speakers to be above. Who is sitting under their laptop …

  6. this is what im waiting for, thats why ive bought GE75 series (8th gen and 10th gen) that you can open thermal system easily and also good cooling + easy way to clean, customize, change paste etc. gonna buy Ge76 soon, hope sometimes they release the top notch ryzen version. Nice Vid Dave 🤳👍

  7. Intel still has a name. It isn't bad at all. Just lot of people are going around saying AMD is better and cheaper. Which is true. But Intel is still great.

  8. How can this be the fastest when the ryzen chip clearly had the better multicore score?
    This is just the best gpu performance in a laptop then.

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