[Video] The Next MacBook

Thoughts on the upcoming M1x MacBooks.

Ian Zelbo –

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34 Comments on “[Video] The Next MacBook”

  1. I'm not sure why you didn't touch on the issues of the current M1 macbooks as they've been plagued with some common issues, and I guess that's important for potential consumers.

  2. I just wish that stuff was made by a different company like AMD or something like that, then it would have been affordable and powerful, but I'm pretty sure that at least AMD is going to get there faster then we might think which would be great, not so great for Apple thou xD

  3. So fare to assume , 32 cores is most probably going to cost the extra size never mind the screen type . To seriously consider the M1X in all its glory , never mind the screen type . Maybe we're lucky that Covid has prevented a mass drop , of the initial plans for screen development for these designs .

  4. 1:48 this is EXACTLY why dedicated graphics SHOULD NOT be inside the chassis. It should be external and integrated with the power supply as nobody uses dedicated graphics unplugged.

  5. They need to be careful on price. I mean they 14ā€ will have to be no more than the higher end intel base model 13ā€. People have do have a breaking point.

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