[Video] The Unconventional PC

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  1. My question is, how does it work compared to normal coolers with a fan running between 500 and 800rpm ?

    It should work better because normnal coolers have very little space between their fins, working better with high air pressure fans. Also 800rpm is the point for me where fans become pretty much inaudible resulting in no drawback regarding noise.

  2. Lulz. I did something like that on a Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p Tiny.
    It got a bit hotter after a CPU upgrade so I cut a hole in the case above it and attached a 120mm fan on the case. Good times in engineering.

  3. I am so hyped up for this. I always wanted it!

    In my view, this is the most eco-friendly power efficient heat sink for a CPU. It uses literally 0 W for its entire lifetime and is completely silent. If you also pair it up with a lower (mid?) end CPU or a power efficient one (35-65W) then you're set. And I say that it's the most eco-friendly because, unless sockets or computer physical architecture changes by a lot, then you could very well use it for 30 years.

  4. 6:08 Linus totally missed a perfect opportunity where he could’ve said, “DEEZ NUTS.”

    Edit: I should’ve continued watching for 10 seconds before posting this comment

  5. Makes me think of a phat CPU cooler I considered buying during the 00s, all copper and you could mount a 20mm fan to it just because (blowing air on the MB).

    I think it was Zalman or Antec that made it.

  6. The filters on that case are crap. They're overly restrictive, have a plastic frame, and are held on by little plastic tabs that get brittle with age and heat. After a couple years you can just bump the side of the case and the filter will snap off.

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