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  1. This thing is garbage. The nicest thing about it is probably the packaging. Uncomfortable to wear. Air barely blows out of vents. The cooling does work on the neck piece but due to the comfort level of wearing it doesn't really matter cause you just want to take it off. Don't buy!!!!!!

  2. My brother watched this video and foolishly decided to buy this product without any simple research. They claim that the thermoelectric piece in the back uses a "Ku Peltier". They added the word Ku to make it somehow seem that it is more than a $5 piece sold on ebay. They go by Peltier, Thermoelectric Coolers (TEC) and other names.

    "Adopting a 5000 rmp dual-core high-speed motor design, 60 enlarged fan blades collect the wind, and 36 expanded wind outlets increase the wind speed by 214%." Ignoring rmp as a simple mistype, "dual-core high speed motor" is random words to trick the ignorant. "60 enlarged fan blades" is funny who they say bladeless but then lie about the amount and size of the blades it actually have. There are about 6 tiny beard catching blades on each side which is very loud on high.

    This thing will run out of power in about 1 and a half hours on high while the TEC activated. After a few seconds of wearing, your body gets used to the cool plate and completely ignore the fact that it's there. As for cooling, it will take exponentially more BTUs to lower your body temperature than this provides. If feels decent if your face is sweaty and you turn the fan on high. The evaporative cooling of your sweat will make you feel cooler for a bit. If you aren't sweating heavily, you will only feel hot air.

    A TEC running at 3.7 volts nominal will not cool anything worth mentioning. Spending $150 on a pointless feature is a complete waste of money. You are paying a steep premium for the TEC module when it provides no benefits outside of a few seconds of when you first put it on. Just get the fan only model if you sweat a lot.

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  4. I think rhat would be nice for me to have i work 3 days aweek 3hours a day and its takes me about 2 and a helf hours for me the to walk home in the blazeing out sun i think i may buy me one this week comeing up kts nice to stay cool in the hot sun

  5. The most important thing people here seem to ignore! The most objective test of functionality is the temperature differences and there was almost none!!! But yet, instead of saying what crap that is they keep on advocating for it – if that's not fully paid review in disguise and total dishonesty, I don't what is. Crappy reviewer ethics. I'm off to a more honest channel.

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