[Video] This should be illegal… – Manufacturers are swapping SSD components

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50 Comments on “[Video] This should be illegal… – Manufacturers are swapping SSD components”

  1. Changing SSD components with slowing performing parts without changing the product name or model number isn't anything new. OCZ was doing this 10+ years ago and Anandtech busted them for it.

  2. I miss Microcenter. In my previous life, there was a Microcenter just 30-40 minutes away. Now there nearest one is 3 hours away. Its just not fair Dammit!

  3. To be fair, as long as the specs are similar, subbing parts is legitimate, if not necessary. When I design circuits, I’m looking for at
    least 2 different manufacturers for a component, you’re at the mercy of the manufacturers.

  4. I have had a 2 Tb xpg sx8200 pro in my desktop for a year now and it has outlasted a 1tb 970 evo, a 1tb 970 pro, and a 1 Tb Arorus Nvme, now I’m probably just really unlucky but Samsung and Gigabytes fallout has seemed higher, than the aforementioned “budget” drive, mind you the sx8200pro is my mass storage drive and the other drives were my boot drives, so take from this what you will, sx8200 probably perfectly fine for mass storage or secondary drive, wouldn’t recommend as a primary boot drive, Microsoft has enough of its own issues no need to add fuel to the fire.

  5. I bought a SX8200 back in 2019 and it had served me fairly well since then, so I made the decision to just go back to that (or newer models) if I ever needed more m.2 SSD's a long time ago. After hearing about this, I've decided to not buy from them again. I don't know if I got a good one or a lower quality one, as I don't spend my free time running SSD benchmarks, but that doesn't even matter to me. The principle of their actions and lack of clarity to the end users has made me lose any trust in them, and I don't want to buy an SSD wondering if I happened to have bad luck and will receive a poorly performing one.

  6. Poor comparison.
    An Exynos phone is for a particular market, says Exynos in the specs and it's Exynos in the phone. They don't swap it out for MediaTek right, so….

  7. this was a fascinating video until the micro center ad. Pretty sure even micro center is either having a hard time keeping GPUs in stock or charging scalper prices.

  8. In my country: people protesting about labor rights, government corruption and overtaxation.

    In US: people protesting about SSDs.

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