[Video] Turn your Outdated Computer into a Monitor!

been a thing since 2014. Enter Luna Display, a dongle that hopes to fix that – But is it really better than AirPlay? Check out the Astropad Luna Display at …

[Video] Turn your Outdated Computer into a Monitor! 1
[Video] Turn your Outdated Computer into a Monitor! 2
[Video] Turn your Outdated Computer into a Monitor! 3
[Video] Turn your Outdated Computer into a Monitor! 4

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  1. Just use Spacedesk through wifi locally. Touch support. Free. Plus ad-free free android app. I put the FL Studio mixer on a tablet running as a second monitor.

  2. Look, I get the value of sponsors and how they help to serve us these great LMG videos. But CleanMyMacX is literal garbage and is closer to malware than the likes of McAfee and Norton. Please don't plug them or recommend their software. It punishes those that aren't tech savvy (aka majority of Mac users) and does "cleaning" that is often more harm than good. Drop them like a hot potato.

  3. If you are on Windows 10 then you won a big lottery LOL Use the Software called Space desk it is the best app for second display. It works on Android and IOS as well.

  4. I got an old Pavilion 23 AIO from a family friend with a broken touch screen bezel, but the panel is perfectly fine and it's a nearly passable machine. I'm pondering about how I'm going to use it, remote desktop to a more powerful computer? Something like this? Maybe use it as a NAS as well? It's nice to have a spare machine either way.

  5. I felt really old when he said "even 2007 Macs".
    I thought it wasn't that long ago, but then I realised that it has been 14 years since……

  6. No good for 5K iMac. Resolution is terrible and colour representation is bad. Last time I asked Luna, they said 5K just isn't supported. Regardless of connection. Even from a 2020 MacBook Pro i9. Looking forward to airplay to mac one day.

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