[Video] Who has the WORST Customer Service?

Samsung vs OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, Blackberry, OPPO, Vivo, Apple. Let’s see which tech company…

[Video] Who has the WORST Customer Service? 1
[Video] Who has the WORST Customer Service? 2
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45 Comments on “[Video] Who has the WORST Customer Service?”

  1. Not true… I worked for Sprint and had to call samsung and apple a lot and they are really tech savy.. You just put on video the call that u wanted

  2. Xiaomi: your phone is out of charge that's why the phone is not on.
    Apple: we need the internet connection on your device for turning it on… wait, what!!!!

  3. Your judgment is not acceptable at all. They are CS so they know genuine customers and their honest problems. Certainly they don't waste that valuable time behind someone drunk. The wrong you did here is your problem wasn't genuine and your relactant presentation detered them. The problem you were talking about only school kids… no they are even smarter to know that kind of problem. So you just could say your battery is dranning. That would make you sound more genuine. Imagine I'm calling and like a grand pa or the first era of SMart Phone asking silly question, why they SIM is not working (after so many drama)? Take a real problem and don't pretend you are Jhon Snow and you know nothing. Then see how Sam and Apple they reat you. Anyway Blackberry already said that more professionally.

  4. Well I have been a Huawei user and I was expecting that their service is really good though I have never called their service centre but today Aron has proved it

  5. Having just one example isn’t a great representation. Also customer service should do more than just say charge it in apples case they should run a diagnostic to make sure its lasting correctly

  6. Honestly you wasn’t fair toward apple because you have got the best answer from them! β€œBring the phone so we can test it” thats how it works! You can’t call a mechanic and ask him to diagnose your car on the phone!

  7. It's depend on your local customer service, my sister call customer service of Samsung because her a80 still doesn't receive software update but its already announced that an update for this phone is already out in our country. So they help my sister and provide an assistance what to do, they asked her to install Smart switch in phone and pc and they tell any all direction to manually get the os update. They also told her that if you don't have pc or still confused you can go to their store to assist her.

    Not every employee are same but in this video that guy in Samsung services is clearly stupid or just lazy. He should asked for more details about the problem and provide a possible solution if it can.

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