[Video] WHY did I get my hopes up? – Windows 11 Announcement

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41 Comments on “[Video] WHY did I get my hopes up? – Windows 11 Announcement”

  1. What I’m most annoyed about is that people who are still on AMD’s AM3+ platform like the FX chips can’t upgrade to Windows 11. Meaning their PC will have to switch over to Linux or get replaced by 2025.

  2. Personally, I am going to miss the live tiles, as I do not like the News tab.
    In regard to the news/widget tab, I think I will probably not use it. I know Microsoft keeps saying tailored experience, but I am always disappointed in the news sources they pick for me…

  3. The taskbar HAS to be on the bottom?
    Bro, if they dont fix that, imma be big mad.
    Ever hear of a zenbook duo? You dont want the taskbar on the bottom with one of those things???

  4. For about half a second I was looking forward to the whole free headphones thing but just knew that it seemed too good to be true. Only America has a chance at getting them so the eurobros and even me and my other fellow canadians are left out of yet another great sponsor deal

  5. nope, as an it admin, i already decided by watching 2 reviews of the leaks that im not gonna upgrade any pc to this crap anytime soon :'D

  6. That haptic feedback for pen tools has me intrigued, I wonder how and if it will implemented in digital art programs like Clip Studio. If it can emulate the same feel of traditional pencil and paper it could be a real game changer for digital art.

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