Your Amazon Devices to Automatically Share Your Wi-Fi With Neighbors

Amazon Sidewalk

Starting June 8, Amazon will automatically enable a feature on your Alexa, Echo, or other Amazon device that will share some of your Internet bandwidth with your neighbors—unless you choose to opt out.

Amazon intends to register its family of hardware devices that are operational in the U.S.—including Echo speakers, Ring Video Doorbells, Ring Floodlight Cams, and Ring Spotlight Cams—into Sidewalk as it readies to roll out the shared mesh network in the country next week.

Initially announced in September 2019, Sidewalk is part of Amazon’s efforts to build a long-range wireless network that leverages Bluetooth, 900 MHz spectrum (FSK), and other frequencies to help Echo, Ring, Tile trackers Sidewalk-enabled devices communicate over the internet without Wi-Fi.

Amazon is expected to flip the switch on Sidewalk in the U.S. for all capable devices by default come June 8, co-opting millions of devices into the network and providing near-ubiquitous connectivity.

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Sidewalk is designed to extend the working range of low-bandwidth devices and help devices stay connected even if they are outside the range of a user’s home Wi-Fi network. It achieves this by…

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