[Video] 22 NIGHTMARE Tech FAILS they want us to forget.

22 of the Worst Tech fails of ALL Time. Including Xbox, Nintendo, Sony, GoPro, Blockbuster and…

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  1. I'm really surprised that Britain can't manage to get a working corona warning app.
    I'm from Germany and here we have the "Corona Warn App" it works most of the time pretty well and warns you when you had closer contact with a later diagnosed corona patient. It even classifies your risk of being infected. Now you can insert vaccination details and tests into the app itself and use it to get into events were you need a negative test/ be vaccined.

  2. What happened at Fyre tho, with the island thing at least was that, it was the island that Pablo Escobar had owned before yk, everything went down. And they had in fact rented it for the festival, but the people in charge of the island told Fyre to NOT advertise it as Pablo Escobar's island. You know what they did? They advertised it as Pablo Escobar's island, all over their social media an on the website. So the ppl that were in charge of the place, told them to leave and cut them off, forcing them to look somwhere else, and that's when they got that abandoned place close to some hotels. It was a total mess.

  3. Loving the fact that almost till the end, the transition swipe and the camera panning out were opposite signifying a fail! This was such an amazing video. Loved it Arun!

  4. Oh my god I remember OnLive….it was…actually half decent. Allowed me to play a lot of games on my shitty laptop.
    Only downside? The tech infrastructure at the time wasn't robust enough to support it

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