[Video] 3nm CPUs Are Coming! – WAN Show July 2, 2021

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  1. well, I’m one of those users it’s running a 2012 dale laptop with the onboard trusted platform module already in place. I’ve used bit locker and the only concern I have about windows 11 is the same concern that I’ve had for a long time about windows 10: how accessible is it for a totally blind user? I use JAWS (the freedom scientific offering for screen readers) and I’ve had moderate success in using most apps in windows seven. Now, windows 10 had some issues early on and I never went to windows 10 as a result. However, with 10 falling out of support here in the next three years, I’m having to start looking at windows 11 if I wish to continue using the windows environment.

    As for older hardware, I’ve got plenty of that around here. I have an AMDX2 machine with a fairly recent vintage GPU-based video output on it. It’s still a beast and complain most modern games, even though I don’t play those games. I’ve use that machine for other purposes that required intensive CPU capability. but as with any of the older hardware, it’s not being as useful as some of the newer stuff like my 2014 Mac mini. In any case, I’ve got all the bits and pieces around here to actually set up a fairly Bfree network attached storage. I’ve got 23 TB external hard drive‘s and one10 TB external hard drive. All I would need would be a small boot partition on see a USB flash drive for Linux, and I could have myself a reasonably decent NAS. And yeah, because of the trusted platform module issue, I now store all of my data externally. I also have one USB stick for that Windows laptop that I store a back up key on for the TPM. I learned this along time ago when I ran into a hardware failure and lost all of my previous data. The rule here is this: if you don’t have to store it locally, don’t! It’ll save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

    Since I have a lot of older hardware around here, I don’t have to go spending any money for new stuff. However, if I want to run windows 11, I’m definitely going to need a replacement laptop. Anybody got any decent recommendations for something that’ll fit my large hands, and provide at least halfway decent CPU capability and able to run windows 11? Also, Will JAWS working windows 11? Without that, I’m afraid windows 11 will be out of my reach until somebody beats up the accessibility.

  2. I have this exact problem; I have an MSI Z87M Gaming (Intel 4th Gen, runs just fine for what I do – , which has a TPM header, but I have bought two TPMs that have not succeeded in working, one even that should have. I opened an inquiry with Sales about the TPM modules they sell, and THEY directed me to MSI Technical Support. Frustrating but not unreasonable. This was in early May, before we even heard about this; I was just trying to use Windows Hello. I have not heard back. Both TPMs I purchased had the right header configuration and were MSI branded. This product misinformation is confusing to me, and I'm career IT.

  3. Code42 CrashPlan software used to allow a similar backup system where you could friends people and allow them to backup to your storage device, however they moved away from allowing personal access and now require a subscription service even for personal storage use

  4. Right now is not a good time to bring a product to market that requires a newer CUP with a ship shortage .
    Even if you can afford a newer CPU doesn't mean you can get one.

  5. Well Kaby-Lake supports AVX2 so this argument is invalid. It could be intel behind the scenes because of spectre and meltdown on Sky ans Kaby Lake cpus.

  6. 29:45 Linus litterally described the use case for blockchain technology in decentralizing mass storage and backups. Bittorrent, Chai, and more crypto names are doing just that.

  7. This reaction has been perfectly calculated by Microsoft, they are not stupid.

    Making those things a REQUIREMENT makes people panic and talk about it, there would be no 1h WAN show talking about this if there was a warning during the installation that allows you to continue with a simple "i dont care button".

    This way people is talking about this and will start taking this into account and they will be covered once they want to really start to enforce it.

  8. Pretty sure the only reason they require TPM in Windows 11 is because they want to compete with Steam and other games/app stores in DRM.
    Their main focus for Windows 11 is making the Windows Store "a thing", and in order to do so they have to offer something unique. That unique thing will be that developers can rest assured that downloaded software will be locked to that specific hardware configuration, and if that ever changes the user will have to spend more money re-buying software for their "new" computer.
    The fact that they hide this away under "haha it will makes your computer 9999% more resistant to virus" is gross.

  9. Just because a house was built in the early 90s doesn't automatically mean there'd be no network wiring in it. You may already know that this house doesn't have it, but don't say it like it just always means that in general. My parents' house was built in 1995 but they still had some network cabling added. It's on some of the outside walls.

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