[Video] A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?

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27 Comments on “[Video] A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?”

  1. The upgrade thing is not the biggest sell for me. The amount of laptops I've seen where liquid spills have fried the motherboard, rendering everything else e-waste. If you're lucky enough to find a replacement motherboard great. But then you have to factor in someone's time to fit it. And even then there is no guarantee it will work again. Being able to swap out a laptop motherboard easily is a complete game changer. Even if you have to switch the CPU too. It is still more cost effective than buying a new laptop.

  2. Yeah, well… Good idea and all, it looks very promising on paper, as long as they expand their stock to include not only I/O modules and keyboards, but screens and whole motherboards/cpus as units too. That's the main thing missing from laptops. In most laptops you can still change ram/storage/wifi, like Linus said. Tbh, it looks like a kickstarter campaign thing. I would be EXTREMELY cautious about this. Red flags popping up already..

    No shipping to the EU.

    Site is broken, it redirects you to the main page as soon as you go in to configure your DIY laptop.

  3. Real potential here is longevity. Imagine if company stays afloat for 20-30 years and you could still have the original laptop up and running all decent with the occasional upgrades for this or that. 10 years for a laptop is fine now, but that limit should be pushed way further. If this still exists and gets good updates 5 years from now, it will be disruptive.

  4. Please please techies with expendable money and also those who are in the market for a new laptop, buy this so it becomes a standard and we can get repairability and upgradeability back!

  5. Wow that's amazing! I want one… but why don't they sell them with AMD CPU's?
    And why was the GPU not mentioned at all in the video?
    Also a bit disappointing that you can't swap up the trackpad for something more useful, like a second (touch-)screen for example.
    Hopefully they'll make a module where there's a wide touchscreen at the top and the keyboard at the bottom (like on the Zephyrus Duo).

  6. This is their first step. In the future they'll have several screens to choose from, CPU chips you can swap out, maybe even mobile GPUs, so for a few generations they can continue to use the same motherboard, afterwards, when a new generation needs a better mother board, easy upgrade.

    I love this.

  7. Meanwhile somewhere in Dell's HQ there's an engineer working on soldering nvma and RAM to the processor while the marketing guy gets a raise over the innovative new 2022 SKU.

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