[Video] Acer Triton 500 SE Review

My review of this thing

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41 Comments on “[Video] Acer Triton 500 SE Review”

  1. You can't run away from using a table. I knew it from the get-go.

    It is better to be in the middle than you sitting or standing at the side of a table.

  2. What’s up with only a 6300 mAh battery on a whole laptop when there’s phones with 5000 mAh batteries? Do phones just use as much battery as laptops these days?

  3. In 2021 we call bad : really not good or epythomy of not good 🤣

    I feel that since we're basically hitting thermal/noise constraints that laptop makers need to design custom external fan add-ons for the laptops maybe in dock form. Slide it in and have full power at minimal noise..
    Also this laptop likely is even worse at latitudes below 25 degrees

  4. Acer nailed with their lineup, was impressed when I bought the predator 17x 4 years ago(still using it today). I bought my cousin a helios.. and most likely im gonna buy another acer for my father.

  5. Are you gonna do a review for the Dell G5 this year? It seems there are some updates on the device. Kinda debating which one to buy between dell G5 and legion 5 right now.

  6. Guys should I get this one or the new Legion 7i? I'm heavily favoring the Legion 7i bc it has the numpad and I'm looking at the RTX 3080 config. I can't find Triton SE 500 with RTX 3080. The only advantage is that this is cheaper.

  7. @Dave2D Brilliant video once again, you're one of the only review channels I trust. I don't suppose you'd be able to give you're thoughts on the new Razer 17, or maybe even a full on review 🤞. I'd love to hear your thoughts

  8. Hi Dave! I love your laptop review. Can you make a video for the best <$1500 laptop in great value, thin design, good screen, high power for 3D design, Video editting?

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