[Video] AMD vs Intel Title Fight!

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[Video] AMD vs Intel Title Fight! 1
[Video] AMD vs Intel Title Fight! 2
[Video] AMD vs Intel Title Fight! 3
[Video] AMD vs Intel Title Fight! 4
[Video] AMD vs Intel Title Fight! 5

22 Comments on “[Video] AMD vs Intel Title Fight!”

  1. Good job not showing the thermal solution or memory. Some of the most import things when it comes to laptop benchmarks.

    Video feels rushed and writer should have made clarification on benchmark numbers instead of adding a note in post.

  2. Quantum computers will be very fast, then they will be developed with complex algorithms where they can decide how to work and charge etc. Then they will be developed into 3D, through a new technology that is still in the preliminary research stage, I call it 3D lights, These 3D lights will also be used in TV and even smartphones, etc.

  3. The future of computers will be called quantum computers, and they will also develop into three-dimensional computers. What I'm saying seems like science fiction, but scientifically it can and will be a future and we will see it and see it for future generations.

  4. AMD in South Africa, we have load shedding, looting and people killing eachother over booze and bread. Longer we can hide away from the chaos in between power availabiliy AMD, INTEL can enjoy rest of the world.

  5. Ayo is there anyone out there can help me bc I ain't got no clue I watch these videos all the time and I still don't get shit my brain is fucked can someone reccomend me just a good monitor and gaming PC or smth to play minecraft on bc I've been searching for 3 fucking hours and I got nothing prefere that's something under 1000£

  6. Easy choice.
    By going Intel, you can slow down the system to match AMD battery life.
    But by going AMD, you can't speed up the system to match Intel.

    …that's why I choose AMD, because it's cheaper 🤣

  7. Before I start I have win 10 so my problem is that I just did a complete restart and deleted all my files now my pc startet at the hi screen and got to the pick your language I picked it and it says there’s some kind of propblem and I just tapped next and just goes back all the time to the pick your language can you
    Me pls I really need help with this

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