[Video] Apple Makes its BEST Products WORSE on Purpose. Why?

Apple has put its excellent M1 SoC in basically everything it can, including the new iPad Pro. But it wasn’t the PROCESSOR that was holding the iPad back from …

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  1. YES, iPadOS 15 has a file transfer progress bar now, and multitasking is a bit easier – but those don't do much to address our core criticisms. We expect Apple to make a formal statement acknowledging that the widgets thing is from Android. That would help.

  2. Repeat after me. iPad is not a laptop. Yes, I did see your video where you seem to have come to terms that iPad is a computer. But, iPad isn’t. IPad has always been the device in between and I would go to my MacBook Pro and iMac if I need laptop or a desktop (and Mac Pro if I need more power in my desktop). IPad is a tablet, apple has always marketed it as such and iPad was always supposed to be more powerful than a phone and more intimate than a computer(read laptop/desktop).

    Now why did they put a desktop level chip into a tablet? The same reason they put OS X in the original iPhone. Yes, I know that iOS is different from OS X but they come from the same foundation of Cocoa and iPad getting a Mac chip is similar on the hardware terms. By putting such a powerful chip, iPad just became a more powerful tablet but that doesn’t mean it was supposed to replace a computer/desktop/laptop. Standardization has its benefits both for the company as well as for the end user as they can have greater integration between their devices and seamless transitions. But, that doesn’t mean, one should replace the other. And, I am glad Apple realized that..

  3. Apple will never make a full laptop replacement iPad.

    They are only making productivity-capable tablets to compete with the likes of the surface pro and samsung dex. Its intentional limitations are very much intentional to ensure that it doesn't compete with their macbooks.

  4. Yess I'm glad no bias reviews. I tend to watch cellphone reviews with low views due to conflict of interest. They refuse because they know theres enough ppl with money who will buy the iPad pro anyways and yes for their kids to watch YouTube and play candy crush lol

  5. Why the hell people keep forgetting that ipad, in the end, is still a tablet, that's the market they tryna focus on.
    But rn, it's in the transitional phase, from tablet to borderline computer for pros.
    That's why they treat it half half like that, half tablet half computer, because it's a damn tablet.
    Comparing it to a computer, hell, even an old one, from feature standpoint, is just ridiculous.
    It's a tablet

  6. I don't understand. Mini-LED should be cutting edge technology.
    I saw it in some reviews and it sucks hard comparing to Super AMOLED.

  7. I just got a iPad, to be used for work, but mostly for my side business. So it was the drawing/creative apps along with supposedly work level OS now. Ive used PCs since DOS, Android since the HTC Hero, Linux for a long time ect. I got this iPad and intended to just drink the Kool Aid and see how it really is. Like no deep dives into settings right off the bat, just use it as Apple tells me to. Linus is right Apple is purposely limiting iOS and its obvious. Like the ability to see my programs in alphabetical order(Not settings, but to be able to launch) and my purchased apps is basic stuff. Lots of other little things that are just a decade behind. I would love for you guys to make a video showing real world workflow(I get it you guys do videos, but theres much more to something being called professional/work computer) between iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android, and let Anthony play with linux in the corner(we all know what place that one will land in lol, still love ya Linux). The only real strength of iOS is thats where the good AND affordable app developers are now. I mean cmon iPad doesnt even come with a calculator app. What gets me is my complaints(besides Pencil ones) are things that even Win 3.1 did. I mean like Contacts are not sorted by last person met, they go by alphabetical so why are apps different. That level of purposefully nerfed functionality is the same as Linus argument about T9 dialing, could be coded(not rolled out as Luke pointed out) in a afternoon. Its all a choice by apple, which is a shame because the things they do right they do well, there is alot of good about the ipad, but they choose to do bad right next to it.

  8. LOL nothing tells you more about the ipad then when a 2 year old toddler picks it up and starts using youtube and other child games like they've been doing it for years. This is the intended audience for this device.

  9. I'm probably missing something here, but wouldn't extended displays require the additional display to either also be a touch screen, or for the user to use a keyboard and mouse? Though if you are using it with keyboard and mouse a lot, I can see that being useful.

  10. It's simple ..they will one new feature next version and make people buy $1000 iPad again 🤣
    And idiots will do it also bcoz of ecosystem 😂😂😂

  11. I will give you the answer for Why, because apple users are stinky rich and have small brains.

    And rest who "have" to use it is because they were given by their companies.

    People can lie as much they want, everyone does hates Apple ecosystem, but sadly have to maintain the facade. 🤣

  12. Do you think the reason why apps haven’t been upgraded for iPad Pro 2020 is because of the sheer number of users of less powerful iPads in the market? The alternative would be to have exclusive apps for iPad Pro 2020, which might be a lot more effort at this point in time given the fewer number of users of iPad Pro 2020.

  13. Me:who has the worst display for a flagship (iphone 12 pro max no 120 hz)
    Guys: Apple
    Me:who has the best display for a flagship. (Ipad pro 2021 m1 and mini led)
    Guys: Apple

  14. Image buying a Bugatti for the price of one, new. The fastest it can go is 100kmh/60mph before breaking down by design.

    That's Apple for you.

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