[Video] CELEBRITY Tech Trivia!

Thanks to Intel for sponsoring Tech Trivia, Answered in the Form of a Question! Check out their 11th gen Rocket Lake CPU’s On Amazon (PAID LINK): …

26 Comments on “[Video] CELEBRITY Tech Trivia!”

  1. This was great and I wish to see more. However you need to give some time to breathe. you should have given a few second breather during questioning and linus answering. This was way too fast and left no feeling of suspense, i actually was worried I had left youtube on 1.25 mode for the first bit.

    Great concept though!!!! Very fun to play along with as a computer tech

  2. I would have loved to seen more banter. Also Damn a lot of those were hard I think you made the contestants feel bad…
    And living in Sunnyvale I miss seeing the old AMD campus buildings which is now a development of Town-homes.

  3. These questions were definitely too difficult. Your questions should be targeting your general audience. In other words, this is a "tech tips" channel, so the information within should be helpful questions to keep your community informed about important information. It was still fun to watch, but I didn't know many of the answers myself (I would be considered part of the general audience) and with the cuts I had no chance to even think if I knew the answer. Just food for thought. Good content as always, hopefully you guys setup a tech trivia answered in the form of a question 2, where the questions aren't impossible. lol

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